The Best Treadmill Reviews 2020

The Best Treadmill Reviews 2020

In the gym equipment industry, although treadmills have gradually become one of the most recommended and efficient machines for an effective work out, treadmill reviews are few and far between.

Although you might have been happy with the treadmill you used at your local gym, when you consider buying a treadmill it never hurts to go through various treadmill reviews or testimonials, in order to compare the benefits that each treadmill machine offers.

The trouble is that there is so much information on the net and in magazines, that finding detailed treadmill reviews from an independent source is not easy.

To make your job of comparing treadmills a little easier I have scoured the internet, magazine ratings, opinion polls and with my own experience of different treadmill brands and machines produced a convenient, easy to use treadmill review summary of the best treadmills different categories.

If you want to see a list of my favourite treadmills for each price category check the ‘best buy’ treadmill ratings.

Top Brand – is one of my favourite brands they continually produce top quality treadmills and their treadmills are durable, great value for money, and made of high quality materials.

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Warranty – If a reliable machine with an extended warranty is what you are after then the Endurance brand of treadmills are built to last a life time.

Weight Capacity – If you are over 200lb in weight and you are concerned that you’re too heavy for a treadmill then the range of treadmills are super strong commercial grade. You can use the Treadmill Selector to find the treadmill that suits your weight.

Folding – If your home gym is small on space then a folding treadmill might be the best option. Smooth treadmills are the top of this category.

Commercial Grade – This would have to be a tie between Life Fitness and Star Trac. These are probably the most recognizable as nearly every commercial gym in the world has at least one. Great value also.

Value for Money – And my top brand is easily Smooth Fitness. They cater for every individual need and their prices are extremely good value. Time and time again they get the best reviews from magazines and consumer reports. The Smooth 9.25 HR and Smooth 7.1HR Pro have been best sellers for years.

I have not labeled any treadmill or brand “the best” because although the summary was compiled from the treadmill reviews from a number of sources only you can assess what is best for you. Use this as a guide and compare for yourself the top treadmills. I have not even mentioned other high quality brands like Proform, Nordic Track or Image so you must do your own comparison of all these treadmills at the reputable online suppliers.

Should I buy a treadmill online?

The Best Treadmill Reviews 2020

Buying a treadmill online will save time and money, but it is important to
purchase from a credible company with knowledgeable individuals. Follow
the suggestions listed below to guarantee you buy a machine designed for
your needs and backed by a reliable dealer. •

Legitimacy And Credibility – It’s important to purchase a treadmill
from a company that will back up their claims and be around for the long
term if you ever need service or advice. •

Service and Satisfaction – You want a treadmill company that will
quickly respond to your emails or calls if something should go wrong. And
then fix them as quickly as possible. No hassles! •

Warranty – The extent of the warranty is a reflection of the equipment
quality. The last thing you want is your machine to break down after 7
months and find your warranty only lasted 6!

•Shipping – Delivering a heavy treadmill, with delicate electronics and
highly tuned mechanics, requires a certain level of expertise. Select a
company that knows the most secure packing methods and use a proven
freight company.

After evaluating a number of online distributors, only a few lived up to all the above guidelines. They have all been around for ages, have excellent reviews in a number of legitimate fitness companies and responded to all my questions. I highly recommend you check them all out before making any decision.

The Best Online Treadmill Suppliers

Computerized fitness designed by Porsche and powered by Siemens for peak performance, time, distance, optimum training pulse range, upper pulse limit, and choice of programs. These are some of the best treadmills I have ever used. Their quality, value for money and customer service make them my #1 choice by far. – Elipticals, treadmills & home gyms

Treadmills, elipticals, bikes and accessories for strength training. Brand names manufacturers include Proform, Nordictrack, Reebok, Healthrider, Weider, Weslow, Image and iFit Nutrition. If you don’t have much money to spend but want a high quality machine I highly recommend Workout Warehouse. – See a huge selection of top brand treadmills. SHIPPING!

Proform, Endurance, Reebok, Life Fitness, Star Trac, Used treadmills and other makes and models for all your treadmill needs.

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