I Must Have The Best Treadmill, But Which One Is It

I Must Have The Best Treadmill, But Which One Is It

There is of course no answer to the question “which is the best treadmill?” That’s because you can’t rate treadmills for everyone, because the best treadmill for one person may not be the best treadmill for another.

There are a whole host of features that can be found in treadmills, from cheaper but useful ones like a spot to hold your water bottle right up to all the latest in downloadable gadgetry that you need a degree in computer science to utilize. In fact there are so many features that we feel that if someone buys one of the top of the range treadmills that are currently available it is almost impossible to use all the available features.

And the best treadmill in the world may not be the best treadmill for you if you aren’t going to use most of the features, because you’re certainly paying for them.

And then of course there is “the treadmill deals”. Every manufacturer is out there telling you that you can get the best treadmill from them for the lowest possible price, and that they are about to offer you the deal of a lifetime that no one else but you is going to get.

So it’s pretty difficult trying to cut through all the features, options and deals to work out which is the best treadmill, FOR YOU.

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But there are some general principles which we can offer when it comes to a search for a great treadmill that suits you and does exactly what you want it to.

It all boils down to 4 things when looking for a treadmill. These 4 things are the warranty, the motor, the cushioning and the manufacturer.

The warranty is very important. No manufacturer offers a great warranty on a poor product. That’s because they’d go broke if they did. If they offered a 10 year warranty on a treadmill that usually died after 6 months they wouldn’t last long. So you know if you’re getting a great warranty it should be backed up by a great machine, or is that the other way around!!

Look for at least 1 year or more on all parts and labor, 5 years or better on the motor and at least 10 years plus for the frame.

The motor is crucial, it’s what makes it all go round. Poor motor, poor treadmill. And as the motor is the most expensive part all treadmills it is also the most expensive to fix or replace. So a quality motor is a must. Make sure you get a motor of at least 2 horsepower, preferably 3 or better. And make sure that it is built by a reputable treadmill motor manufacturer with quality parts with a good warranty.

Why is cushioning important? Treadmills need to have cushioning for the user, because if you’re running or walking on a hard surface it’s not very good for you over the longer term. A poorly cushioned treadmill can damage your back, ligaments, joints and muscles. And your wallet, getting all of those fixed! So make sure the the treadmill you are looking at is well cushioned.

Finally there is the manufacturer, or the treadmill’s brand. There are many manufacturers, and not all of them have a good reputation. Make sure you go for a machine that by a well known brand with a great reputation. Don’t be taken in by low prices or the latest and greatest machine that is made who knows who. Buy the machines with the backing of a quality brand.

I Must Have The Best Treadmill, But Which One Is It

As we said at the start, we can’t tell you what is the best treadmill for you because we don’t know what your needs or budget are. But we can offer a more general recommendation. It is this. There are some great treadmills available which satisfy all of the above requirements and more, and are made by a great manufacturer with a very high reputation in this business. This is Smooth Treadmills.

If you are looking for the best heavy duty treadmill we can’t go wrong by suggesting that you buy a smooth treadmill, they are high quality, well built machines with a strong and reputable manufacturer behind them. To find out more read our Smooth Treadmills Page, then head over to Smooth and pick out one from the smooth range that suits your needs and your budget. You’ll get a great treadmill at a very competitive price.

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