High Back Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair – H8021-GG Review

The Ergonomic Office Chair under review is a great reason to read reviews.  Its low price and fashionable looks make this an easy purchase for many consumers.

However, low costs and nice styling don’t always equate to the  best deal.  This chair demonstrates that point very well.  Follow along with the review and pick up on why we won’t recommend this chair and use those points to evaluate other chairs.  This way, your developing a knowledge base that can help not only yourself, but your friends as well.

Features of the Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair

  • Black Vinyl Upholstery
  • Seat with Passive Lumbar Support
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Black Nylon Loop Arms
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Base

We went with the pre-written feature list because we aren’t impressed with this chair and don’t want to mislead you.   Well let you evaluate the materials and decide if its the quality you are comfortable with.

Pros and Cons of the Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair


You have other choices…its a good thing.

Its okay that not all the reviews reflect 5 stars, because these are legit reviews and all chairs are not created equally.

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Here we’ve listed a trend in quality, below are consumer review complaints:

Arm sheared in half

I weight 165 lbs, and the chair sheared in half

Screw covers constantly pop out and need to be put back in

arms snapped

chairs arms are a stiff plastic that will fatigue, fracture, and eventually fail.

plastic arms snapped at the points where it is screwed to the seat

I loved this chair up until one of the arms broke like so much old lumber. I figured it was just a problem with the arm, but not a month later the same arm, by now replaced at the maker’s cost, broke again. Taking a closer look, I realized that the design of the chair puts pressure on the arms when you lean back, and too much pressure over time will make the arms snap.

I managed to break mine in a scant 2 weeks of use because I leaned back in the chair per its design! The plastic arms snapped, first one, then about 5 days afterward the second one.

after the second day of use it broke in pieces.

hard as a brick

Final Thoughts on the Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair – H8021-GG

High Back Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair – H8021-GG Review

If your a teenager weighing less than 160 lbs and aren’t insistent on leaning back or wanting long lasting comfort, then this could be a measured risk that could pay off  against the lower purchase price.

But if your not a gambler on quality, aren’t a teenager, weigh more than 160 pounds and expect some prolonged measure of comfort then we advise you to look elsewhere, why take an un-necessary risk with your money when there are better chairs that are affordable.

We mentioned at the beginning of the review that you could get something positive out of a review of a chair we didn’t like.  Note the construction used to assemble the arms to the back, pressure on the back causes the arms to shear off.  The seat cushion, goes flat relatively fast.  The backing material is thin.   Ear marks of poor design to avoid in other chairs.

While the consumers average reviews gave this chair a 3 star rating, we give it a 2.5 because of so many sheared arms and claims of being uncomfortable and un-Ergonomic, with seat cushions going flat in 3 months.