What are the Best Treadmills for Heavy People?

What is the best heavy duty treadmill? This is a question in the minds of many big guys who want to add fitness into their daily lives…

Wouldn’t working out be more rewarding and fun if calories screamed while we burned them? For many people, exercising is not exciting. Luckily, modern treadmills feature countless functionalities and accessories to spice or liven up workouts!

If you are a plus-size person, you should choose the best high capacity treadmill rather than the lightweight ones.

Thanks to treadmills for heavy people and other factors, the American public health association opines that the country’s obesity rates are on a decline.

Just like with any other purchase, countless options exist when you are shopping for a commercial treadmill. To make the right purchase decision, extensive research is necessary.

On this primer, we have done the homework for you and settled on the best treadmills for plus-sized people.

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Buyers Guide

The last thing you want is to buy workout equipment just because it has fun display additional such as entertainment options, weight loss goal tracker and exercise programs.

While these features are good, as a plus-size person, you should pay more attention to features tailored for heavy-duty treadmills.

Certain factors constitute the best treadmill for heavy runners. With these factors acting as your guide, you are certain of landing the best deal.

Let us look at them:

Heavier, stronger frame

A sturdy frame is one of the most important factors to consider when in the market for the best heavy duty treadmill.

Different treadmill manufacturers create models that suit folks that weigh 300 – 500 pounds. While you might have a higher weight, some of the models we have featured on this list can withstand your heavyweight with the utmost ease.

To verify a machine’s ability to handle your weight, it is prudent to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s specs. If there is no information published regarding your prospective machine, feel free to call.

Wider running deck

Tread belts need to be relatively wider to handle your big size and shape. The wideness handles your natural gait. Again, it does not need to be too wide making it challenging for you to comfortably straddle it.

Wider running decks are also accommodative of your walking stride. Avoid treadmills that make you step off the belt.


Although many of the treadmills in the current market have some form of cushioning, quality varies. The less costly ones tend to have thinner cushioning which might be hurtful to your toes.

The costlier and stronger built ones boast better quality when it comes to the cushioning system of their tread belt.

Thicker cushioning is handy at preventing heavier folks from injury. The thicker and better quality the cushioning is, the more comfortable it will be on your joints especially if you are using it for a run.

Good warranty

Chances are high that your machine will be part of your day-to-day life. Consequently, to make the most of it, you need to settle for a model that features an impressive warranty.

The most expensive a treadmill is, the better its warranty will be. The vice versa is true.

To be on the safe side, settle for a warranty with these features:

  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 1-year labor protection
  • 3 – 7-year protection on parts

When your warranty has such features, you are certain it will guarantee you countless years of satisfaction. For heavier people, home treadmills act as the start of a healthier lifestyle.

Weight limit

Just like with all exercise equipment, treadmills feature weight limits that are set by manufacturers.

As a plus-size individual, you should settle for one with a higher treadmill weight limit. Opt for a treadmill featuring a maximum weight limit or capacity that is either at or below your weight.

While those with lower weight limits won’t break, they tend to wear faster. In addition to that, their engine might find it challenging to perform optimally at the right speed which means that it might overheat.

If you intend to use your treadmill occasionally or briefly, weight should not be a big deal. Nonetheless, you should know that with time, it can cause engine malfunctioning.


Best Heavy Duty Treadmill Reviews

From the many heavy duty treadmills available in the market, we settled on the following five as our best choices:

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill

One of the best attributes we love about this treadmill is its folding deck feature. This design has a patented pinion and all gear rack system coupled with a lock feature that locks your machine’s deck into place when it is in an upright position.

Secondly, the Sole F80 brings with it a high torque motor that has flywheels. All models from SOLE have the heaviest duty motors and chassis within their class. The industrial motors boast a large diameter. The flywheels are steel and zinc coated to guarantee a vibration-free secure walking/running surface.

When it comes to a roller, this machine has 2.75-inch rollers featuring copper ground wires and sealed bearing design for every roller to mitigate static. Bigger rollers increase contact surface against the belt.

The vibrant LED display has a message board for not only clear instruction but also feedback regarding your feedback. Some of the information displayed includes pace, pulse, calories, and distance traveled. You also get to see data such as time, incline as well as speed.


  • SOLE LCD display
  • Two-ply belts
  • 2.75” rollers
  • High torque motor featuring flywheels
  • Integrated message board
  • Precision welded frame
  • Folding deck


  • Ergonomic and strategically placed handles and buttons
  • Impressive width featuring decent cushioning effect
  • Programmed functions to recall your favorite workouts
  • Great ranges for incline and speed
  • Hands-free heart monitoring
  • Strong motor


  • It would have been perfect if it featured VR workout connectivity

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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

The ProForm Pro 2000 is your ideal training partner if you are plus-size. Its main functions feature training sessions guided via Google maps. Through the app, you can select a route from the vast collection of pre-designed circuits.

Effortlessly create your preferred tour as the iFit Coach dispatches it to your tape directly. You get to enjoy a completely stimulating, unique and personalized experience.

The iFit Coach is also handy at providing various training sessions daily. Certified professional coaches that aid your workout sessions are always available. Keep tabs with your physical form’s evolution through your board.

This treadmill’s deck mitigates the impact on your joints by 40 percent in comparison to running on asphalt. Its relatively stronger motor delivers speeds of up to 12 mph. Get to enjoy inclines of up to 15 percent. The machine folds and locks in place, to guarantee convenience, as well as space-saving when you are using it.

Some of the other impressive features of the treadmill include two heart rate programs, customizable workout programs, and six preset programs. Safety features comprise of low-profile running hood, and a large stop switch.


  • Google maps enabled
  • iFit enabled
  • 3.5 CHP motor
  • 12 Mph maximum speed
  • Warranty: 2-year labor – 5-year parts
  • 0 – 15% incline


  • Wider tread belt making it comfortable for running or walking
  • Versatile decline option
  • An array of workouts
  • Impressive incline
  • Personalized workout programs
  • An array of safety features


  • Advanced features might be unfriendly to beginners

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LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill

Command all the aspects of your fitness with this treadmill from LifeSpan. It features a wide surface area to provide an ideal surface for running, jogging and walking. 6 compression shock absorbers support this machine. They offer safe cushioning for your joints, back, and knees.

We like this treadmill because it is an incredible hybrid for longevity and performance. Its 2.5 hp continuous-duty motor guarantees a continuous performance of your workout sessions. You can rest assured that once you buy it, you are getting a long-lasting and strong piece of technology.

Another highlight worth mentioning is its robotically-welded and all-steel frame that is engineered precisely to simulate real-life conditions. Whether you are running, jogging and walking, the treadmill has you covered. Cover all distances with the utmost comfort courtesy of its thick cushioning.

Ezfold tech makes it effortless to unfold and fold the treadmill. To track your workout, the machine records all your exercise information into a USB device for uploading into your club account.

Once you are through with your workout, you can fold your treadmill for compact and unobstructive storage. To add icing into the cake, the machine comes with a lifetime motor and frame warranty, 1-year labor warranty and 3-year parts warranty.


  • Portable and foldable
  • 7.5 inches – step-up height
  • High capacity/heavy duty 2.5 HP motor
  • Wide walking belt surface
  • 15 adjustable incline levels
  • 21 trainer programs


  • Six compression shock absorbers for the utmost comfort
  • Foldable for effortless compact storage
  • Added accountability courtesy of LifeSpan tech
  • Highly durable 2-ply tread belt
  • Lifetime motor and frame warranty


  • Assembly can be somewhat complicated

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LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill

The LifeSpan treadmill is tailored for the office. It has whisper-quiet operation courtesy of impact-absorbing compression shocks that allow you to remain respectful at the workplace while at the same time impacting office productivity. The different components of the treadmill not only subdue vibration but also suppress mechanical noise.

Another great feature of this heavy duty treadmill has to do with its space-saving dimensions. In addition to that, it has front-mounted transport wheels to guarantee effortless mobility. The combination of these two features makes it a good choice for the office.

The machine’s 29-inch deep by 38-inch wide desktop offers ample working area together with adequate storage to store your office supplies. There is a 5-dight console that is integrated conveniently into the armrest’s center to provide full control of your activities without needing desk space.

For every footstep you take, onboard intelli-Step tech detects it thus ensuring you keep tabs of your step count. A guard safety feature makes sure that the treadmill operates only when you are actively involved. This goes miles to support a safe environment.


  • Adjustable, manual height standing desk
  • Motorized and compact
  • Large desktop surface area
  • 2.25 HP electric motor
  • 20 by 50 inches walking surface
  • Portable wheels


  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Versatility in terms of space-saving and being storable
  • Easy to read console
  • Sync all your activity data into your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth capability


  • Somewhat sophisticated assembly

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ProForm PFTL60916 Treadmill

Finally, on our comprehensive review and buying guide, we have this premium high capacity treadmill. It brings with it an array of impressive features that will certainly transform your workout routine. Its deck cushioning preserves your joints by delivering nothing short of a speedy recovery and comfortable workout.

Transport wheels come in handy during transportation. Once you have folded your machine, you can effortlessly roll it to the adjacent room courtesy of its wheels that are tailored for your utmost convenience.

We also love its creative SpaceSaver design that helps you make maximum use of your space even if it is limited. When done with your session, just fold its deck up and remove it from your space.

The treadmill’s on-demand workout library gives you access to a variety of video workouts that are customized to your personal goals and firmness level. The personal training is initiated by highly qualified and vastly experienced iFit trainers with expansive knowledge and unique approaches to fitness. They make it a breeze to find the ideal workout that fits your life.

Another great highlight of this treadmill for heavy people is that it features live interactive controls. The trainers go a notch higher by controlling the machine’s incline and speed in real-time through Bluetooth tech.

Through iFit’s trial membership that is included, you have the opportunity of enjoying customized training at home.


  • iFit trial membership
  • On-demand workout library
  • Live interactive controls
  • Google maps installed
  • Compact vertical storage
  • Transport wheels


  • Proper guidance through experienced trainers
  • Plenty of video workouts tailored to your needs
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Space-saving


  • Some controls can be complicated for newbies

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Final Words

The Best Heavy Duty Treadmill Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Searching for the best heavy duty treadmill should not be a complicated process. With the right criteria and adequate information, you can settle for nothing short of the best. If you are in the market for a treadmill for heavy people, feel free to choose from any of the five products we have reviewed above.