What are the Best Recliners for a Big Man?

What is the best big man recliner? Some of us are lucky when it comes to shopping for a big man recliners. The case is different from others (the big and tall) individuals. Whether you weigh more or are obese or taller, there are recliners tailored for your case.

These offer the level of support and comfort you need to enjoy all the relaxation desired. With countless options available, how do you know which one is the best?

Before looking at the best big man recliners 2020, let us first look at the important information to help you make the right choice when in the market for one.

Big Man Recliner Buyers Guide

Buying any kind of furniture can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You must balance between artistic decorum and comfort requirements. When shopping for the best big man recliner, it is prudent to consider some factors before settling for one:


When making your purchase the material should be your most important consideration. You can take your pick from two immensely popular styles of either textiles or leather.

Textiles are mostly on the lower-priced models. High-end models are incorporating a quality textile into their designs today. The fuzzy and warm texture of textiles do not feel too cold during the winter or too hot during the summer.

On top of that, they tend to be less costly. You can easily cover them by utilizing recliner slipcovers and protectors. This is different with leather sofas that tend to be slippery as you chances are high you will have to secure them properly.

Full-grain leather is usually used in costly big recliners. The lower end ones feature bonded leather.

Maintenance is more effortless with a leather seats as washing the covers, removing stains or vacuuming them frequently is unnecessary. All it takes to wipe up stains and spills is just a clean paper towel or rag.


Recliners are available in a wide array of sizes. While some are fairly small others can be luxurious and spacious.

Some of these dynamic seats available in the market today are quite spacious to the extent that they can accommodate two people for watching movies. For those that desire to buy a recliner which is earmarked for being used by a big and tall structured man, then you need to bank on a larger one.

You should, therefore, opt for a spacious one that has a wide and high back. It is prudent to visit the furniture store and sit on the chair before taking the ultimate purchase call.

If you have decided to purchase best heavy duty recliners from an online portal, then you will have to be extra cautious about its measurements.


Because of their movable parts, recliners can pose some safety concerns if you are not careful with them. Primarily, inspect for any disconnects between the seat and extended footrest.

Some recliners lack much gap as they have a material that covers the area. The rule of the thumb is to ensure that the gap in your recliner does not exceed five inches. This prevents kids or pets from getting stuck.

You have to establish if the seat tweaks as you put your footrest down. When you get your clothes or skin stuck within the footrest region, it can cause such undesirable scenario.

Durability and Comfort

The kind and quality of material utilized in making a seat, manufacturer trustworthiness as well as build attribute plays a big role in establishing its comfort and durability. Before making your choice, take your time to keenly pass through client feedback on various platforms online.

Doing so gives you a clue on the kind of your prospective recliner is. This goes miles in ensuring you do not make frequent purchases because of poor purchase decisions.

Hardwood remains the best frame option. Less costly chairs feature plywood and particleboard. Initially, they might come off as sturdy but tend to exhibit weakness signs as days pass.

Check the underside of the chair by lifting the footstool to get clearer view. Once you do that, ascertain whether the screws are firm enough and if the wood is stapled correctly.

In addition, the footrest releasing lever not wobbling, using it should be a walk in the park. With some levers, operation needs to be at a particular angle to enjoy incredible results. Naturally, pulling such a stunt is not effortless for newbies to complete. It is prudent to repetitively activate the reclining mechanism and footrest to find out their working steadiness.

You can also give the chair a proper side to side shake to see if it can retain its sturdiness.


The heating attribute of recliners brings the desired pain relief for your sore muscles. In addition to heating, some recliners also feature a massaging function. However, heating can be handy with or without the massaging function.

You can control the heat quantum the recliner generates thus qualifying it as a favorite amongst those grappling with stiffness of the muscle as well as arthritis.

Evaluate the heat feature for not less than five minutes to establish that it is performing at optimum level. Doing this is very important.

Benefits of Big and Tall Recliners

Big and tall recliners are made to withstand weight up to 500lbs and provide full-body coverage for tall individuals. If you are 6 foot 5 you will likely struggle to find a chair that covers the length of your legs and head. Most who are over 200lbs would usually feel uncomfortable in normal-sized chairs.

They have to know that a chair is designed to support their full weight plus additional weight and that the length of the chair is longer than their height for tall men.

Big tall recliners are made to cater to both tall and large people. They are extremely comfortable. People recovering from surgeries with special medical requirements find them convenient.

Support of up to 500Lbs

Tall and large recliners can support men up to 500lbs comfortably. Baseline sturdy materials ensure the weight is distributed with internal amortization that provides high comfort and support for the movement.

If you are a large person who likes to move around in your chair, you will need a chair that can support your full range of movement and weight.

Height up to 7”

Most tall and large recliners are made for men who are at least 6foot. They provide full coverage for the head, the legs, and the sides, areas that man usually neglect while sitting in regular chairs.

For example, the head of a male over 6 foot 4 tall would usually rest above the tip of a regular chair. This means they don’t have full head support.

Tall and big recliners are designed to cover the full height of a tall person and provide extra space. The same tall guy would have ample coverage for his head and more space on this type of recliner.


Other benefits of big and tall recliners,

  • Can be used by the family
  • Highly comfortable
  • Medical benefits

Big Man Recliner Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best big and tall recliners 2020:

Mega Motion Recliner

This seat can accommodate weights of users up to 500lbs. Whether you want to use it to stand up or sit down, you can rest assured that its high quality has got you covered. Through the mere touch of buttons, your seat gently reclines or rises.

The chair’s electric motor offers a smoother transition from a reclining to a standing position. If you are in the search for big and tall recliners 500 lbs., the impressive features make it top in our list.


  • Integrated emergency battery backup
  • Chaise pad
  • Heavy-duty polyester knit fabric
  • Counter-balanced recliner mechanism
  • 500 lbs.
  • Furniture grade plywood/hardwood construction
  • 3 position lift chairs


  • Easy, quiet and smooth operation
  • Powered lift and recline mechanisms
  • Comfortable and allergy-free material
  • Easy to clean
  • Can handle a maximum weight capacity


  • Demands spacious rooms

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Flash Furniture Brown Leather Recliner

An impressive attribute about this recliner from big people has to do with its bustle back cushions and generously padded seat area. The combination perfectly cradles you in comfort. The padding of the sitting area comes filled with 5-inches of foam.

The arms are also incredibly padded for the utmost comfort. When it comes to the lever, soothe your frazzled nerves via a rocking motion. Alternatively, you can pull the recliner’s lever up to recline to enjoy a well-deserved nap.


  • LeatherSoft upholstery
  • Fire Retardant Foam
  • Contemporary styling
  • 13inch wall clearance
  • 6inch height from seat
  • Bustle back cushions


  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely wide
  • Modern design
  • Smooth mechanics to help set up a chaise and reclining upright
  • Stylish leather to add aesthetic appeal


  • Unideal for cramped living quarters

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Mega Motion Lift Chair

Do you have challenges standing or sitting down on your chair? If yes, then you should consider buying this seat. Its recliner offers an electric motor that is handy when it comes to effortless sitting and standing from a reclining position.

We also loved it because of its chaise seat for head and toe comfort. This is in addition to the split-back design. The combination of these features guarantees the utmost relaxation especially when your feet are strained.

High-quality wood maximizes durability.


  • High-quality hardwood
  • Chaise seat
  • Split back design
  • 500 lbs. capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel


  • Total relaxation and comfort
  • Utmost support
  • Effortless to follow instructions
  • Soft fabric that feels plush to the skin
  • Impressive recline angles


  • Rocking issues

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Mcombo Electric Power Lift Chair

This is among the best performing reclining chairs for big or taller people. It brings with it engineered sinuous springs to offer long-lasting comfort and strength. For extra uniformity and strength, all joints are glued and pinned.

The seat’s steel rocker and hardwood frame make it an incredibly strong recliner for big people while at the same time maintaining high comfort levels. While assembly is necessary, all the instructions are easy to understand to make the whole process a breeze.

Its pillow top arms, footrest and back cushions are the icing on the cake. They make the couch a heavenly destination.


  • Power lift assist
  • TUV certified motor
  • Anti-back-tipping design
  • Warranty information (1-year electronics, 1-year frame, and 1-year reclining/lift mechanism)
  • Mcombo return policy
  • 320lbs weight capacity
  • 140-degree reclining angle
  • 20-inch seat to floor
  • 60HZ voltage


  • Strong frame construction
  • Effortless assembly
  • Super easy to clean
  • Extremely powerful
  • Highly comfortable


  • Challenging to move around

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Signature Design by Ashley Chair Recliner

You can double your sense of style and pleasure with this impressive tall man recliner. It features dual motor capability that offers all the freedom you need to not only recline back but also independently recline your legs from a more customizable comfort positioning.

The seat boasts designer upholstery that resembles gently battered leather. The material has a warm and cozy appeal.

If you want an oversized recliner, you should settle for this one. In addition to being large, it is as comfortable as a bed particularly for those that find it challenging to sleep in one position.


  • Tools, hardware, and instructions included
  • 30” wider
  • Black upholstery
  • Metal reinforced
  • Strong corner-blocked frame
  • Power and lift feature
  • Hand control power button


  • Stylish
  • Effortless assembly
  • Generous assembly
  • Highly spacious to accommodate big people


  • Pricey

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Final Words

Best Big Man Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Oversized recliners serve as an ultimate nirvana when it comes to helping you experience pure and unadulterated comfort. The humongous and pillow-soft relaxation stations are stacked with not only luxurious padded arms but also backs, high backs and long leg rests.

Are you shopping for the best big man recliner in the market? If yes, then feel free to choose from any of the ones we have featured on this primer. All the chairs we have highlighted on our list are not only of high-quality but are also tailored to offer the necessary support and comfort.