What are the Best Smart Mugs for 2021?

Best Smart Mugs Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Saying that smart mugs have revolutionized the way we enjoy our drinks while on the go would be an understatement… 

With these jewels, you can brew and have your coffee/tea hot, warm your flavorful soup, boil water, and even cook freeze-dried foods (for some models) as you take yet another amazing road trip to an intriguing destination.

A temperature control mug can also be the perfect birthday gift for a loved one because they are multipurpose.

We have reviewed the best smart mugs in this article to point you in the right direction.

Also included is a shopping guide to help you compare the various products in the market.

Types of smart mugs

To get us started, let’s look at the most common kinds of smart mugs out there:

Coffee Smart Mugs:

If you love your coffee, go for this dedicated type.  They use a powerful heating element to brew and keep your coffee cup hot.

You will never again rush through your coffee or need to use the microwave to re-heat it.

Smart Mug and Blender Combo:  

Apart from having the coffee maker, these have a blender attachment and you can make smoothies, shakes, or even frozen drinks. 

This can be your ultimate companion when commuting to the gym, traversing the urban jungle, headed to an after-hours party etc.

Multipurpose Smart Mugs:  

These again have powerful heating elements and are perfect workhorses- not only can you use them to brew your tea, coffee, chocolate, latte’s etc. but you can also heat your soups, sterilize water, cook, and even charge devices. 

This versatility makes them a great accessory for outdoor escapades and emergency preparations.

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Why use smart mugs?

Whatever your favorite beverage, a temperature-regulating mug makes a lot of sense.

You can, for instance, keep your drink at your fancied temperature for as long as you desire- sometimes for as long as 10 hours while you’re on the move.

And that means that you can savor your beverage without worrying about burning your tongue or experiencing a tingling sensation in the teeth because of ingesting ice-cold drinks.

Plus, you won’t waste your precious hours in the morning waiting for your beverage to cool down or heat thanks to the rapid heating/cooling systems integrated in modern smart mugs.

For office workers, having a temperature controlled coffee mug means you will stay refreshed the whole day without having to make countless trips to the nearest microwave.

A smart travel mug is, additionally, extremely handy for your pastimes- weekend camps, picnics, caravanning, and plenty of other outdoor leisure activities.

And now that we’re here, I must mention that smart mugs don’t come cheap- you could pay even more than $150 (depending on your choice) while some normal travel cups costs less than $10!

But I’m certain that these brilliant creature comforts could be worth it based on your lifestyle.

Meanwhile, I pray I will see more inexpensive options moving forward.

The best smart mugs: Buying Guide

Here now is what to look out for when shopping for a smart mug to keep your tea, coffee, soda, milkshakes, smoothie, etc. at your perfect temperature.

Included technology

There are all smart mugs yes but some are surely ‘smarter’ than others as some manufacturers – in an attempt to win the market- release cups with super advanced technologies.

Needless to say, such innovations make your life easier.

Take the massively popular ember temperature control mug (reviewed later), for instance.

The groundbreaking technologies including the smart app and touch display help you customize your heated mug’s temperature (you simply tap on the +/-) depending on your preferences making it friendlier.

On the same token, there are smart mugs that come with leak-proof inventions to help prevent spills/leakages.

The more high-tech it is, the higher the likelihood that the mug will meet your specific needs precisely.

How well does it function

Perhaps most important is how well the smart mug functions when it comes to its core role: temperature management.

It should at least indicate the present temperature situation, provide a way of raising/lowering it, and sustain the exact temperature set.

A good temperature range is also essential.

Ease of cleaning

Like other drinking vessels, a smart mug must be washed punctually to help prevent dangerous microorganisms from developing.

A model that’s designed to allow you easily separate the components is easier to clean than other types.


Even if your hydration goals come first, there’s no harm in selecting a thoughtfully-crafted model because of the sweet, sleek looks.

You will be proud of the compliments anyway when you carry it to a camp or a professional office environment.

Other considerations

Also keep in mind the following factors:

  • Capacity- capacities vary. I have seen mugs with 16 oz fluid capacity,12 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, and more. Choose according to your needs.
  • Battery life- for traveling, you want a mug with a longer battery run as it keeps your beverages perfectly hot for more hours on a single charge.
  • Ease of handling- some offer an easy grip (having a soft “feel”) and also fit comfortably in your hands.
  • Size- a mug that fits your car cup holders could be more convenient.
  • Durability- pick brands made from top-quality materials as they resist damage even after the hard impact from accidental falls.
  • Price- some are a bit affordable and you may prefer them if under a budget.

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Best Smart Mugs Reviews 2020

Whether you’re going for a smart mug for everyday at-office use or one to carry your drink mixes to the backwoods, you won’t be disappointed with our top 5 picks.

Here is our review of each of them:

Smart Travel Mug Heated with Temperature Control (16 ounce), 12V – Stainless Steel

This is specially built to keep your beverages warm at your wanted temperature and has been attracting raving reviews for some time now thanks to its fast heating action.

The mug runs off the 12V outlet in your car (no battery used).


This cup has earned a perfect score on several accounts…..

First, the 16 oz. capacity mug is made of stainless steel – inside and on the exterior finish – so it’s a lasting model.

It also received high marks for the leak proofing construction (the lid fits snug) and the easy-to-use buttons that lets you set the required temperature in a snap.

You can actually heat your beverage to temperatures from 85 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and the good thing is that it alerts you when it reaches the preset temperature.

It works great and will maintain your coffee/tea/water and other drinks at the specified temperatures.

Besides, there’s an LED indicator to keep you updated about the temperature of the liquid to be sure.

The 12V auto plug is included.


  • Fits in standard cup holders.
  • Lid is pretty comfortable to use.
  • Lasting mug.


  • Not suitable for boiling cold drinks.

NEW Ember Mug 2, 10 oz, Smart Temperature Control Black (1.5-hr Battery Life)

This best-selling ember temperature control travel mug is worth the hype: it heats so well and your drinks remain steaming hot for hours.

The Ember app is a game-changer too…pair the mug with your smartphone and get to adjust the temperature from the phone!


We love everything about this mug…

You get a lengthy battery life which helps keep your beverage hot for about 1.5 hours (on one charge).

I should add that you will have your drinks hot all day long if you place it on its charging coaster.

Then, it’s so friendly to use – not only do you specify your precise temperature but you will also in fact receive a notification on your phone as soon as your breakfast hits the desired temperature (between 120-145°F).

You can as well track your beverage consumption, save your favorite drinks’ presets, and even customize the product’s LED alert colors.

The other thing we like about this ember smart mug is that it automatically switches to sleep mode when empty.

It also ‘wakes up’ as soon as it senses some movement or pouring of liquid.


  • Easily washed by hand.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Works like a charm.


  • Relatively smaller capacity.

Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug, 10-Hour Battery Life Heated Travel Mug Bluetooth App Temperature Control

You can use this gem to brew your coffee and maintain the drink at a delightful temperature level.

It comes with a fantastic Bluetooth app (lets you dial your own temperature or choose from 5 preset temperatures) and has an incredible 10 hour battery life (36 Wh Battery)!


One of the star attractions here is the power saving mode (you simply press the easy battery control button to activate it) that gives an extended usage time.

And with the bright lighted power bars, it’s easy to keep an eye on the remaining battery life.

We also love that you can remove both the heating element and battery for easier cleaning.

The other winners are the 16 ounce capacity along with a spill-proof mug lid.

It also came out on top for being comfortable to grip and having easy-to-use buttons next to the nice LCD display for those who prefer to set temperature manually.

Note that you use the bottom button to toggle the temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius in this smart coffee mug coffee.

The package includes a battery-saving desk base charger for use at work and a charging power cord.

The temperature range is between 72 to 212°F.


  • A lot of heating power
  • Easy to clean (Stainless steel)
  • Intuitive app.


  • A little heavy

NEW Ember Smart Mug 2, Temperature Control 12 oz, 3-hr Battery Life, Black,App Controlled Travel Mug

We recommend this if you’re in love with the ember travel mug 2 but need a longer battery life and more fluid capacity than the ember smart coffee travel mug we reviewed above.


This will again keep your drinks hot but you’ll keep your brews hotter for longer – the battery runs for 3 hours compared to the 1.5 hours from our first ember mug 2 model.

The 12 oz. capacity also beats the previous model’s 10 oz.

But for these 2 key features, the two products are very identical- from the 120 – 145°F temperature range, a thrilling touch display, and all the way to the leakproof lid, these are like twins.

You still use the Ember App (after pairing) to set your suitable temperature, tailor the presets, read the notifications, and more.

Again, Ember intelligently ‘wakes up’ when you pour hot liquid in and shifts to sleep mode when empty.


  • Okay to hand wash.
  • Great push-to-open lid.
  • 360º drinking experience – you can sip your drink from any side.


  • More expensive than our former ember mug 2 model.

The Smartshow Smart Ceramic Mug Temperature Control

A pocket-friendly option, the Smartshow smart ceramic mug keeps your beverages hot for between 2-8 hours when fully charged.

And despite its awesome price, the company has created a cool app to help you make temperature changes remotely.


This is another top, top model and has adopted the best qualities from the competition including a durable stainless steel construction (with a ceramic coating).

Indeed, it’s carefully engineered and is waterproof as well as dustproof.

No fear of suffering a severe electric shock here- it uses DC19V voltage making it safer than similar AC smart mugs.

Plus, it’s more efficient (by as much as 30% when compared to similar products) in heating because of the larger heating area (thank the bigger heater film on the mug’s bottom for this).

Note that this 10-ounce capacity smart mug keeps your water/coffee/tea/milk/juice in the 95°F-149°F temperature range.

Like the rest, you can specify your preferred temperature manually with the handle button if you so wish.

The app, however, features more functions including LED color selection and one-key temperature setting.

You track the current temperature value and status via the built-in hidden LED display.


  • Elegant looking.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Functional sleep mode.


  • Smaller capacity.

Wrapping it up

Best Smart Mugs Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Because they keep your drink at the exact temperature you want it at all day, smart mugs are terrific when on the go or long days at the office.

Here we have introduced you to the best models and also discussed some tips to help you choose properly when buying.

Follow this guide and pick a cup that will serve your unique hydration needs the best way.

Because you deserve to take every sip at the perfect temperature.

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