What are the Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa?

What are best smart light bulbs for Alexa? Did you know that you can control your entire home’s lighting system with Alexa?

The catch is you need to mount smart light bulbs for Alexa to enjoy this priceless convenience.

Here we bring you the best smart light bulbs for Alexa for your smart home.

We shall be answering some of your questions about the increasingly popular smart light bulbs for Alexa.

Let’s dive in:

What special about Alexa compatible light bulbs?

 As you might be aware, not all kinds of bulbs will work with your Alexa in your smart home.

Rather- and that’s why we wrote this guide- you have to upgrade to light bulbs that work with Alexa.

Question is, what’s so special about Alexa controlled light bulbs?

Well, these types of smart bulbs feature built-in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity or use a separate smart hub to communicate with your Alexa.

The best part?

You will not be overhauling your home’s electrical wiring system and you’re up and running after issuing a few straightforward setup commands to your Alexa device.

Why choose Alexa compatible light bulbs?

I bet you know this….

Like other smart home accessories, Alexa light bulbs have one massive advantage in your home: convenience because you can manipulate your home’s lighting from anywhere.

You manage every aspect of your lights with your voice including adjusting the brightness and the ambient color (for a good nights sleep), turning them on/off, and setting schedules as well as scenes.

Think about how that makes life easy for you as a parent with a newborn, a forgetful senior, when your hands are full, or those days when you don’t feel like move around.

Of course, there are other ways smart bulbs beat traditional bulbs including being less power-hungry leading to cuts in your electricity costs.

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Types of Smart Light Bulbs for Alexa

One thing you have to be aware of when shopping for these types of bulbs is that they don’t work the same way especially when it comes to how they ‘talk’ with your Alexa.

Here are the commonest options:

Hub (or bridge) based Alexa smart bulbs

These require a hub to link to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

A hub is nothing else but a device that acts as the middleman between your smart bulb and wireless routers.

Your first task is connecting the bridge to your Wi-Fi router before downloading the specified app to finish up the smart bulb-Alexa setup process.

Wi-Fi enabled Alexa bulbs

These connect directly to your existing home Wi-Fi (they won’t need a hub) and rely on the included Wi-Fi radios to receive and send signals.

There are models that use Bluetooth radios and which hook up to your phone/tablet when you’re within a 50-feet (or so) radius.

The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hardware relay signals to the router here and onwards to your bulb via the wireless network.

Overall, this is the most affordable alternative and you complete the setup process in no time.

Custom connections

And then there are those that use tailor-made networks such as Zigbee (Samsung Alexa smart bulbs) to send/receive communication.

In most cases, a manufacturer-prescribed smart hub must be connected to the home router for this network to work properly.  

The one downside with this method is the extra expense you incur because of the hub unless you own one of the home gadgets that nowadays double as hubs such as Amazon Echo Plus.

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Best Smart Light Bulbs for Alexa: Buying Guide

Admittedly, there aren’t many ways to separate the smart light bulbs for Alexa away from the connection platform (Wi-Fi, certified Hub, Bluetooth etc.)

Nevertheless, you need to consider things like the features you need in your automated home’s lighting system when shopping, which boils down to your needs.

For instance, a good number of these bulbs have plenty of thrilling and useful features including saving favorites/scenes, scheduling by sunrise/sunset, precise brightness controls, and even overload protection.

Other considerations:

  • Compatibility with other systems– some offer you more flexibility as they also team up with other smart home innovations including Google Home, IFTTT (If This Then That), and Apple HomeKit.
  • Supporting accessories– most brands produce a variety of other accessories including smart cameras and plugs that you can use to make your home even smarter.
  • Pricing-this depends on your budget but in general, the prices have come down lately and won’t give you a shocker.

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Smart Light Bulbs for Alexa Reviews

After looking around, we shortlisted the best 5 smart light bulbs for Alexa in the market at the moment.

Here’s our take on each of these leading smart light bulbs Alexa. 

Sengled Smart LED A19 Light Bulb, Soft White, Hub Required, Works with Alexa, SmartThings, & Google Assistant 2700K 60W Equivalent

This is worth every cent if you’re looking for a truly smart light bulb that lets you control the whole lighting system with simple voice instructions via Alexa.

You will smoothly drift off to slumberland as your bedroom lights gently dim thanks to the sleep mode.


A top seller, this bulb is the benchmark for users after a super responsive bulb that’s simple to pair to Alexa –not all of us are gurus anyway.

You can program it to turn/off at your desired times, dim or brighten, change colors, and more.

You can as well turn on different scenes with this smart light bulb to instantly bring the tone you want for any event.

And all this you do from one voice command or a single touch on your smartphone thanks to the Sengled Home app (Android/ iOS).

Plus, you could choose the wake up mode to have the lights create a sunrise-like feeling for more soothing starts to your days.

Note that you’ll need a compatible hub to use this with Alexa.


  • Straightforward installation.
  • Pleasant colors.
  • Functional scheduling feature.


  • You’ll spend more because of the hub.

LIFX Mini 800-Lumen smart LED Light Bulb Multi-Colored Amazon (L3A19MC08E26) Alexa light bulbs

With over 16 million vivid colors along with a thousand (or so) shades of white, this brings plenty of life to your space and the good thing is that everything is adjustable and dimmable.

You can even go a step further and trigger the stunning animations from the LIFX app. to set the desired mood.


There’s a lot to appreciate in this smart light bulb- from the easy Alexa setup, an intuitive app with cutting-edge extras including the flicker feature and cute pre-programmed themes, and all the way to the nice brightness, we love everything about this bulb.

And like with the Sengled smart LED A19 light bulb, there’s a lot of scheduling and automation you can do with this bulb including automating the day/dusk color choices and temperature through voice.

All is seamless and you can choose to manage the lights individually or in groups from your Alexa.

No hub will be needed this time and you are in line for some energy savings as this is energy star compliant.


  • Excellent brightness.
  • Superb software.
  • Great night light setting.


  • Not much to complain about.

LIFX 1100-Lumen, Wi-Fi Smart BR30 LED Light Bulb

Go for this if you want more brightness than what the LIFX Mini 800-Lumens smart LED light bulb offers.

Its 1100 Lumens are as bright as a 75W incandescent bulb and it comes with the built-in features and smart integrations that have made LIFX lights such a big name.


The two have a pretty similar functioning….

It still supports maximum dimming not to mention the calming shades of white.

The other color settings (you have 16 million colors again) are present too including the ability to set a custom theme for your rooms.

The LIFX 1100-Lumen smart light bulb responds equally as well as its sibling through Alexa allowing you to use voice to add/reduce brightness, schedule wake up/sleep (at sunset and sunrise), and more.

We were also happy with the easy setup – it uses a built-in Wi-Fi and you won’t be buying a hub.

Lastly, the bulb looks fantastic and it’s nearly the size of conventional light bulbs.


  • Precise color saturation and brightness).
  • Super-fast response.
  • Setup is a breeze.


  • A couple of app issues once in a while.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, by TP-Link Dimmable

If you’re not after a ‘premium’ kind of bulb, this lights up your space warmly and it again doesn’t look bad at all.

As on pricier models, there are tons of smart actions you can run from your Alexa with this bulb from TP-Link including setting vacation mode (it makes it appear like someone is home when you’re away).


Inexpensive, cheerful colors, and flexible schedules…What more could one ask? 

And we love that you can dim the light bulb from 1 to 100% according to the mood you want or activity.

TP-link bulbs are known for their lightning-fast responses when paired with Alexa and it’s the same case here- it interprets and obeys your commands in a flash.

You can always set a specific schedule like in the rest, scenes/grouping, and even the color temperature.

There’s no hub to worry about or extra equipment and you’re good to go with an ordinary Wi-Fi connection.

The other highlights are the increased energy savings, the easy switching between the available light tones, and the ability to link it up with other TP-Link branded smart devices such as smart plugs and indoor webcams.


  • Flawless connectivity to Alexa.
  • Unlimited dimming.
  • Awesome price.


  • Colors range a bit limited.

Philips A19 LED Hue White Dimmable Smart Bulb 60W Equivalent (Starter Kit)

One of the pioneers, the Philips A19 smart bulb (hue white) is top-rated for a reason: its quality shines through and through and it supplies relaxing soft white lighting to your rooms.

Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your home thanks to the 16 million colors.


The Philips A19 light bulb uses a hub yes but installation is a child’s play and it works like a charm.

It’s among the brightest in our lot (its equivalent to a standard 60w bulb) and you choose the brightness level you want.

Besides, it’s quite warm and you’ll revel in the cozy feeling it brings to your bedroom, living room, study room etc.

The programming is topnotch and you can issue hundreds of voice commands via Alexa including setting light recipes to supply the best lighting for your activities and creating customized colorful light scenes.

This is a lasting bulb and might serve you for up to 22 years, according to Phillips! 


  • Outstanding quality.
  • Super easy to connect.
  • Pleasing colors.


  • A bit pricey.

Best Smart Light Bulbs for Alexa: Frequently asked questions  (FAQs)

Best Smart Light Bulbs for Alexa Reviews and Buying Guide

Q. What light bulbs work with Alexa without a hub?

There are a couple of smart light bulbs that work with Alexa out there including the Kasa smart Wi-Fi light bulb by TP-Link and the LIFX mini 800-Lumen/1000-Lumen smart LED light bulbs, all reviewed above.

Q. Do you need special light bulbs for Alexa?

To use Alexa in your home lighting system, you need smart bulbs that support communication with Alexa using platforms such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or dedicated hubs.

Luckily, setup is unbelievably simple in all the cases.

Q. How do I connect smart bulbs to Alexa?

It depends on the smart light bulb you pick.

And as hinted previously, for some you connect the bulbs to Alexa via Wi-Fi or smart home hubs like Zigbee.

The exact steps vary and you should follow the procedure indicated in your owner’s manual.

Final words

This was meant to help you make a proper choice when shopping for smart light bulbs for Alexa and you’ll hopefully do so.

And the good news is that the installation process has been simplified across the board these days and you should not hassle with the bulb setup and pairing with your Alexa.

That’s it, for now.

Meanwhile, we shall be keeping an eye on developments in the market and will give you a heads up as soon as an interesting product comes up. 

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