What is the Best Smart Table Lamp?

Best Smart Lamp Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

What is the Best Smart Lamp? Whether you have been fantasizing of fun colorful lighting with gorgeous themes or a functional light that you can control with Alexa or even a night light that’s soothing and peaceful, you should consider purchasing a smart lamp!

Get ready if you’re looking to buy the best smart lamp for we have prepared this ultimate guide to help you get one that’s worth your money.

We have also scoured the markets for the best picks.

You will be meeting them later in the article.

Let’s jump in:

What’s so magical about smart lamp?

 Is there really a limit to what these lighting solutions can do?

You can make it the primary lighting in your room, use them as strobes, leave it in the baby nursery to calm his/her to sleep, play your favorite music….you name it.

In short, the smart lighting technology has entered an entire new level and the smart lamp is at the heart of the revolution.

And that means abundant options including compatibility with Google Home Mini,  Apple HomeKit, Alexa, your phone, and more.

You may even use the timer to automatically turn the smart floor lamp on/off.

In short, you will be astounded at the thrill these things bring!

Types of smart lamps

Here we compare the different types of smart lamps so you can find the best smart lamp to bring light to your life.

In summary, there are three types of smart lamps that you can pick from; hub-based, Wi-Fi integrating, or proprietary models.

  • Wi-Fi smart lamps: The most popular because of their effortless set up, these only need you to add them to your Wi-Fi network and voila! you’re all set.
  • Hub-based smart lamps: Setup is a bit daunting for this category because you require additional hardware in the form of a smart bridge/hub to enjoy their intelligent functions.
  • Proprietary models: A couple of smart lamps connect to your smart home via custom technologies, like Samsung SmartThings home automation system.

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The best smart lamp: Buying Guide

No two people have exactly alike needs, but here are some general tips to help you find a smart desk lamp that will work well for your lifestyle:

Colors, shading, and themes

The truly great ones have amazing color variations and you can change the mood of your whole room.

The multi-color effect is super cool too.

With respect to the themes, you want hundreds of them.

Imagine having a fall-themed apartment during a baby shower?

My friend, you’ll receive tons of compliments!


I’d recommend looking for a smart lamp with a good amount of lighting, according to your needs.

Having said that, a dimmer allows you to select the brightness you wish to bring perfect lighting to your space.

In fact, a variety of smart lamp adopts a memory function so you won’t need to adjust its brightness every time.

How do you wish to control it?

Sometimes your hands are full and you want a smart lamp that comes on when you say ‘Alexa, turn on the lights’. 

Priceless convenience, I tell you.

Other times you’re fine dimming it from your iPhone/Android Phone or with the remote control.

Also available are options like a touch switch for easier turning on/off (in selected models).

Intended application

So, what do you plan to use the smart lamp for?

I’m asking because you’ll find myriad solutions out there with each suited to a different application.

Speak of kid-friendly smart lamps featuring attractions for children like rainbow countdown clocks to remind them about bedtime, compact smart lamps for use as a bedside table light, and more.

To be frank, the market offers a wide range of alternatives including take anywhere, rechargeable models, some that last 3 hours (and sometimes longer).

Safety considerations

Take your safety (and that of your children and pets) into consideration as well.

For this reason, pick a unit with safety enhancements such as a weighted base along with a sturdy design (it won’t tilt easily).

Likewise, a smart LED lamp that won’t overheat after using it for a long time is great as it won’t burn you when adjusting.

Additionally, a lamp that stands higher than others is great because you won’t be staring at your light directly for the good health of your eyes.


Another key issue is the life of the floor lamp.

Luckily, the best smart lamps are built for long-term use and have a lifetime of even over 100,000 hours when used at the right voltage and current, which means lower lamp replacement costs.


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Best Smart Lamp Reviews

Whether smart lamps are currently the ‘trendiest’ smart home style on the market or not, we might never get enough of them because of their continually evolving nature.

And there’s no denying that it may be hard to get the purchase decision right the first time especially if you’re a beginner.

Keep scrolling to check out our top five picks to help you find your dream smart lamp (yes, we did the heavy lifting!)

Philips Hue Go smart Portable Table Lamp

Always considered one of the industry giants, Philips is now doing for the portable smart lamps industry what they did in the past with their celebrated light bulb with this smart table lamp– create a product that takes something special to beat.

Trust us, this is impressive work.


The Philips Hue Go white and color smart portable table lamp is everything you’d expect from one of the world leaders.

The highs are voice control (‘talk’ to this from your Alexa Smart device, Apple HomeKit, or even Google Assistant – hue hub required) and 16 million colors plus shades of white light.

What’s more, the unit is whip smart and you could come up with your own personalized light show on the go.

Also part of the impressive feature set is the dozens of custom scenes and super smart controls -you can even control them via the easy button on the product or the intuitive Philips Hue App if you so desire.

The Hue Go is rated 300 lm and you can adjust it to the “Read” scene when you want to do some serious reading.

This is fully portable and the charge goes for 3 hours (maximum) uninterrupted.

Yes, it’s a little bit pricey but worth every penny in our mind.  


  • Easy setup
  • It looks great! 
  • Unlimited possibilities (Add the hub)


  • Pricey

Marrado Bedside smart Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Want to give your hard-to-please teenager a gift that will definitely catch his/her attention?

If that’s you, don’t bother looking beyond this smart lamp with speaker.

It’s the perfect way to decorate his/her world with color and music!


Is there a better bedside lamp than this?

The simple touch controls, simple and classic shaped design, and boundless possibilities of brightness make this a dream choice.

Indeed, the RGB Color-changing mode allows an electrifying full-color show of 16,000,000 colors.

Plus, unlike the competition, the light is so gentle!

A wonderful product, this cordless bedside lamp is charged via USB and comes with a nice LED indicator to keep you notify you about the charging status.

And you can bring it anywhere to color your event because it holds the charge for pretty long.

Another big Marrado bedside smart lamp advantage: the well-built speaker.

If you really want to put yourself in the middle of a music extravaganza, sans headphones – and you don’t want to spend a fortune to do it – the Marrado Bedside smart lamp is for you.

It connects effortlessly through Bluetooth and you get spectacular sound for its size.

You control the volume easily by a device (smartphone, iPad, etc.).

Two words: Marrado rocks!


  • One of the most versatile lamps cum speaker around.
  • The eye-friendly 360° light provides more uniform, soft lighting.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • We can’t fault it.

Philips Hue Bloom Smart Table Lamp Dimmable LED (Requires a Hue Hub, compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant , Apple HomeKit)

The Philips Hue Bloom Lamp made it to our list because we were blown away by the indirect ambient lighting that fantastically highlights specific furniture or the stylish architectural elements in your home.

All you have to do is place it near your object/wall then plug it into a power socket.


We love every part of this lighting system.

Start with the millions of cute colors and shades of calming white light followed by the ability to sync to your most-liked music, movies, and even games for an out of this world experience.

The light is glorious but like mentioned, accent in nature and you can dim it smoothly from your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.

Add voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant plus a look that’s trendy and made to pleasantly blend in – and you have an excellent choice. 

Like with the Hue Go smart, the other course of action is to connect it to a Hue bridge (purchased separately) to manage it from the genius Philips Hue App.

It’s rated 120 lumens and it makes sense seeing that it’s essentially an accent light.

The lamp is already legendary and will genuinely add flair to objects/walls.


  • Compact size.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Accurate color intensity.


  • Higher cost.

HUGOAI Smart Table Lamp for Bedrooms, Dimmable Bedside Lamps, Alexa and Google Home compliant- No Hub Required

HUGOAI’s mission has been to leverage advanced technology and their deep expertise to release premium products for the smart lighting industry.

And this smart LED Nightstand lamp embodies that mission perfectly with its tunable whites and vivid RGB Colors.


The highlights are, as hinted, the dimmable whites and like the competitors, 16 million colors to help bring a livelier way of life to homes/offices.

It’s tremendously flexible and you can put it to any application for your family – reading, office work, relaxing, and sleep.

You can obviously tune, dim, and otherwise control it from anywhere with the accompanying Smart Life app. once you install it on your device.

Also, change the ambiance of your apartment with your intended color – all by mentioning a command (via Alexa or Google Home) or with the phone whenever you want.

The table lamp is better than most and does a phenomenal job thanks to the adjustability-  set the brightness to anywhere between 3% – 100% or to a restful warm crisp natural white.

The lamp is rated 450lm (2000K-4000K) and is super bright.

One more thing: It’s safe for the family due to the toy-grade frosted ABS build material that makes it anti-static.


  • Works seamlessly with Alexa.
  • Endearing colors!
  • One of the best bedside lamps.


  • Wish it had easier set up instructions.

Smart Desk LED Lamp with WiFi

Over the last few years, Napatek has grown into one of the most respected brands in the industry.

And they have done it again with this new generation LED desk lamp which has become a favorite among office workers because of the 180-degree rotation and the fast wireless charging feature.


The Smart Desk LED Lamp with Wi-Fi is a standout example of how smart desk lamps for personal spaces should be.

From the handy voice remote control (with Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Google Home), 30-minute timer (for custom wake up/go off scheduling), and all the way to the eye-caring construction (flicker-free light beam), this has it all.

The convenient memory function and the extra USB charging port (for charging non-wireless gadgets) on the desk lamp are nice touches too.

It’s small, too, and won’t take up much space. 

Further, this cool lamp is more customizable when it comes to the color temperatures, smart scenarios, brightness (6 brightness levels) and the scenes (set it to PC mode, candle/reading/leisure scenes).

I should add that you’ll be delighted with the Smartlife app (comes with extra possibilities) if you prefer phone control.  

Lastly, it will never burn you- the Aluminum alloy head won’t grow very hot not to mention that it has heat emission openings under the base.


  • Ultra-modern style
  • Eye-friendly.
  • Functional auto-off timer.


  • The Qi charging dock fails to work with some devices.


Best Smart Lamp Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Our smart lamps buying guide and our hand-picked recommendations above should surely help you be sure of what to order.

Don’t worry if you’re still lost…smart technology moves so fast and it can be intimidating even for veterans.

In such an instance, calm down and list up all your needs.

Then go back to and see if you’ll be lucky second time around.

A last word of advice: buy a brand with good warranty terms.

That way, the manufacturer will take care of things in the event something happens.

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