What are the Best Large Button Remote Control for the Elderly?

What are the Best Large Button Remote Control for the Elderly

What is the best large button remote control for the elderly? Let’s face the reality: Seniors, according to statistics, are the most television viewers in any given age group. They watch for more than 5hrs a day as shown by Nielson data from the rating gurus.

Therefore, the need for a remote which will give the elderly a television experience with minimal issues, hence large button remote controls!

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Types of Big Button Remote Controls for Seniors

For you to purchase a large button TV remote that meets the old man/woman’s desires, two main types are available for you:

Infrared Remote Control

It is the standard type of remote control, which also happens to be the industry’s global remote for elders.

The remote has a standard infrared light sensor and works by the mechanism of sending light frequencies of up to 38kHz in seconds to your TV set. Infrared light is however not detectable by the naked eye.

To use this kind of remote, you need to be in the same place with the device; the two must have direct contact.

In some cases, there might be a blockage between the remote and the device which in this case might hinder the signal from reaching the device thus delays in control. A big button remote in this case becomes appropriate.

RF Remote Control

In case you need to operate the device when you are in a separate room, then a radio frequency remote is your choice.

Unlike infrared remote controls, you do not need to be in the same room to operate your device..

However, an RF remote control should be purchased with an antenna. It’s a super simple global TV remote.

Why Buy Big Button Remotes for Seniors?

Seniors have a lot of time than young people. This is because they have taken their retirement and they will tend to look for entertainment. In this case, watching a TV serves as the best option. Having a big button remote control ensures minimum issues as they enjoy the experience.

Seniors will always need to be updated all the time. Watching a favorite show or listening becomes pertinent helps them stay updated. The need to have control of the entire process becomes paramount.

Choosing a TV remote for seniors is not hard. Remotes with large buttons or keys that flash up tend to be suitable for seniors with poor vision. They are also easier to handle and are weight friendly.

Having a problem with the misplacement of your remote every time? Worry no more as big button remotes not only have large buttons but also are big that makes them easier to find.

According to nature, as we age, our memory becomes more forgetful. Due to this, seniors need not worry so much in case they forget a certain function of a button, as a big button the remote control has a simple layout that’s not only easy to see but remember.

A big advantage is that majority of these act as universal. This means that a single big button remote for seniors can control multiple devices making it easier for the elderly.

Large Button Remote Control for Elderly Buying Guide

Yes, you have already made my decision that you need a large button remote control – perhaps for you or for your senior and already have catered a budget for that, but wait.

Do you know the factors that you need to consider before concluding that indeed this is the large button TV remote that you will pick? These are the factors you need to consider.

Compatibility: the fact is, you don’t want to purchase a large button remote for the sake of having it; rather you buy one because you need it. Therefore, for proper compatibility, consider having a careful look at the type of large button remote that is compatible with your device.

More to consider is whether the large button remote is compatible with multiple devices. That would be an added advantage, although the cost of the two may differ.

If you have any challenge with compatibility, you can contact the seller for more information.

Ease of use: The major reason we are talking about large button remote controls for seniors is because we need to reduce the complexities that come along with standard remotes.

Best large button remote controls for elderly people should have very few buttons: two for controlling volume, two-channel buttons, one mute button, and a power button.

A great advantage is that you can get a programmable large button remote control which you can adjust to meet your desires or for your senior.

The number of supported devices: Do you have multiple devices that you need to control?

You’ve got a reason to smile as you can control multiple of those devices with just one remote without necessarily having to buy multiple large buttons remote control for your senior.

This is so because numerous large button TV universal remote is designed to control more than just one device.

User Support: The process becomes even much easier when you know that you have some backing. This means that there is no time when the process becomes complex.

This is because of the user manual provided which clearly shows step by step methods of operation.

Moreover, online support is also available.

Best Large Button Remote Control for Elderly Reviews

In this section, we dive into some of the simple large button remote controls elderly people can use with ease and efficiency.

Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly.

It’s specifically designed to meet the needs of elders, seniors, low vision, blind and alzheimer’s and any user who wants to make their viewing experience simple.

Flipper is considered to be one of the most “advanced” but simple remote on the market today.


  • Big buttons that are tactile and colored – making it suitable for visually challenged people.
  • Ability to control two devices – TV and the cable box.
  • A lock function to solve the problem of error re-programming to keep your channels intact.


  • Allows you to set up to 30 programs of your favorite channels
  • Gives you independence since it’s a set it and forget it.
  • Works infrared devices, including Cable Set-Top Boxes and Soundbars.


  • Turning on of the TV and cable box by the power button are not performed simultaneously which may make them be out of sync.

Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a loved one experiencing a poor vision, then consider Tek Pal remote.


  • It’s palm-sized with 6 unique large lighted buttons which include on/off, the volume adds, volume decrease, channel forward, and channel backward scroll buttons.
  • It has extra-large buttons (1 inch) which light up (green).


  • TV and cable control or satellite devices.
  • Simple to control
  • Enhances independence for the Seniors/ Elderly


  • Lacks a support material due to the lack of an instruction manual.

Universal Big Button TV Remote for Elderly

 it’s the universal remote control which comes with very big control buttons that are easy to see and operate.


  • It has six backlit green buttons – a power button, two volume control buttons, two-channel buttons, and one mute button.
  • It has a removable strap which helps in keeping the remote safe from misplacement.
  • Ability to reprogram the buttons to meet your desires.


  • It has a quick scan function which lets you scan your TV in seconds.
  • It has a save and lock function to enable you to watch your favorite TV channels comfortably.
  • It’s compatible with many infrared TV sets and cable boxes.


  • All the buttons appear to have the same color
  • According to different users, first time programming is complex.

Sony RM EZ-4 2-Device Universal Large Button Remote Control for Elderly

It’s another great choice for Elders who are experiencing visual challenges.


  • It has large, easy to read tactile buttons which makes the operation process easier.
  • Strategic positions for the volume and channel buttons making it easier to use
  • The mute and volume buttons colored differently (blue) making identification easier.


  • The unique coloring of volume and mute buttons brings easier identification
  • The buttons are not only large but also easier to operate
  • It’s compatible with many infrared TV sets and cable boxes.


  • Can easily be misplaced as it lacks a wrist wrap
  • The presence of too many buttons may make the operation complex for the Senior.


What are the Best Large Button Remote Control for the Elderly

For you to empower your loved ones especially when you are a caregiver, the most important thing is providing them with the ability to be in control, thus finding the best remote is a crucial step.

If you are a senior struggling to get the right remote to meet your desire, then we have the answers. Compare the features and find the best remote that meets your needs.

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