What is the Best Home Gym Set?

So, are you ready to invest in a home gym set? Congratulations on making the right choice. Being healthy and fit mainly depends on how well you exercise.

 The only way to keep your physical strength is by staying active. Because of endless career or business engagements, getting a personal home gym set will give a lot of freedom.

In addition, if you want to exercise to get back from an injury, putting up a small home gym would be the best move.

Before you hit that “Confirm” button, it is prudent to verify that you are only buying equipment that will add value to your life.

Basic Home Gym Equipment

Depending on what you want to achieve, there are so many types of equipment to choose from. Also, the type of apparatus will significantly depend on how much you intend to spend. All the same, some essential pieces are quite affordable and they are a must –have.

When starting out as a beginner, here are some basic must-have items that you should buy.

Rubber mats

To perform stretches and different yoga posture without much of a hassle, you need an exercise mat. The equipment acts as padding against the floor. This is crucial in avoiding injury to your needs, hip, or hands.

Workout gloves

In order to protect your hands from injury during exercise, workout gloves are an essential investment. In addition, weight lifting gloves will help you perform beyond your hand limitations. In fact, your chest and back can handle more pressure than your bare hands can support.


For greater muscle activation, you can exercise with dumbbells to create intermuscular and intramuscular conditioning. Also, you can use them as bench presses. You need to get a few sets of weight for a better experience that will safely challenge you. 

Instructional videos

As you plan to exercise from home, your safety should always come first. After acquiring a home gym set, the next invaluable asset if professional guidelines. In that case, getting instructional videos to guide you in using the home exercise equipment is worth every cent. Any inappropriate use of the gym apparatus can be fatal.

Full-length mirror

Maybe you are wondering whether a mirror is part of a home gym set. Well, it is. To help you take the correct posture during different exercises, you need a full-length mirror. Remember, you have no real-time instructor to keep watch or correct you when you take the wrong stance. 

Buying Guide for the Best Home Gym Set

When it comes to buying home gym equipment, there are factors that you need to consider before settling on the right one. Some of these factors include: 

Type of workout

Every person will have different preferences when it comes to what kind of exercise is ideal for them. For cardio, most folks tend to go for treadmills and bikes. 

On the other hand, if you want to engage in strength training, kettlebells and dumbbells are the most preferred home gym equipment parts. For a full-body workout, you need to go for an elliptical or rowing machines.

Available space

How much space are you willing to sacrifice for your home gym? Or better still, how much space is available?

The amount of space available will, by default, determine what size of home exercising equipment you should go for. If you have a small space, it would be better is you bought machines that fold and stowed away.

Notably, ab rollers and resistance bands are small and easy to carry


The other significant aspect to consider is your budget. Actually, a basic home gym may not cost much, yet the tools are so flexible, and they don’t cost much. Some sophisticated home gym sets happen to be a bit pricey than others.

You will actually find some of the advanced sets going for about $300 to $1000.

Consequently, the prudent thing is to stick to your budget.

Ease of use

Maybe you hadn’t considered how difficult it is to use some home gym equipment. Going by some reviews left on Amazon by buyers, some equipment that lacked instructional guidelines proved to be challenging to use.

Therefore, as you consider going for home exercise equipment, you need to go for one that either offers free tips on how to perform most of the workouts correctly.

A brand that offers a free DVD or tutorials on basics workouts is invaluable.

Best Home Gym Set Reviews

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – Full Portable Gym Home Workout Package

Do you want gym equipment that you can take to any place with you? The BodyBoss 2.0 is one set of apparatus that simulates all the bulky machines you find at any conventional gym. 


The good thing is that it combines multiple pieces into one revolutionary body workout device.

The device happens to be one of the best home gym apparatus since it is pretty versatile. It will help you with lower and upper body workout, cardiovascular exercise without the need for any other device.

The BodyBoss apparatus is light in weight (17.4 pounds), and it has collapsible bars that make the device easy to carry. In addition, it comes with cloth-covered resistance bands that allow you to perform over 300 exercises.

The fold-up platform allows you to customize the whole experience. It lets you increase or decrease exercise difficulty by changing the bands’ length.

On purchase, you will get an optional free startup program that will help you learn how to exercise with BodyBoss 2.0, and awaken your body.


  • The device is light I weight
  • Simulates multiple bulky apparatus
  • Helps you to attain a full-body workout
  • Free optional startup program
  • The fold-up platform is customizable.


  • You may need to acquire extra hand grips and bands
  • Doesn’t include a Workout DVD for guidance

Bowflex Home Gym Series-Blaze Home Gym 

As you invest in home gym equipment, you definitely wish for a versatile set. In that case, the Bowflex Blaze offers you up to 60+ exercises for a full-body workout.


Notably, the equipment has a power rod resistance of 210 pounds, but you can upgrade it up to 410 if you so wish.

The set also has a sliding seat rail that will allow you to execute aerobic rowing and leg press. Also, Bowflex provides you with 7 free workout regimens built by trainers.

Again to enhance customized workouts, the set comes with multiple pulley positions. In addition, the equipment comes with a squat and lat bars.

For a better experience, the Bowflex Blaze features a triple function hand grip and ankle cuffs.

When looking for a home gym set, space is of the essence. Therefore, this equipment has a foldable bench and wheels for easy storage.


  • Facilitates over 60 possible body workout exercises
  • Power rod resistance upgradable up to 410 pounds
  • Provides 7-free workout programs
  • Foldable bench for easy storage
  • Allows for custom workouts


  • Assembly of heavy steel parts is a bit tasking 

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing

The best home gym equipment is one that minimizes your movement from one apparatus to another for a different exercise. As such, the Marcy Smith total body training set come stop help you execute comprehensive workouts.


The structure combines arm and leg workout stations to help you strengthen different groups of muscles.

First, the whole structure is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that stands at 70” L by 83” W by 86” H.

The set utilizes a strong aircraft cable that has a tensile strength of 2,000 pounds. As such, the structure can withstand prolonged use.

Besides, this equipment comes with dual action press arms that allow you to perform various exercises that help develop different muscles. Again, it has a dual function leg developer that features six oversized rocker pads and row bars. 

For those out for intense weightlifting, the device comes an Olympic free-weight rack. For a thorough full-body workout, then you won’t be wrong with Marcy Smith’s cage.


  • All in one workout station
  • The bench has a pop-pin adjustment
  • Features multifunctional press arms
  • Dual-action leg developer
  • Has 2000 lbs. cable strength


  • The set takes up a bigger space than the others

Wrapping Up

Finally, you don’t have to miss your workout simply because you work from home or forgot about your training schedule.

By investing a few bucks, you can own one of the best home gym sets that will help you to keep healthy.

Depending on your needs, you should pay close attention to what each device will help you achieve. Fortunately, most of the home gym sets don’t take up much area. Besides, some of these devices are foldable to ensure that they don’t take up the small available space.

As you plan to acquire a multi-workout station, don’t despise the basic apparatus since they are quite useful and versatile, more so if you are a beginner.