What are the Best Games for Senior Citizens?

What are the Best Games for Senior Citizens

Whether you’re an elderly citizen looking for games for seniors, or a caregiver looking for ways to engage your senior friends, you’ve come to the right place. Old age comes with a lot of challenges, including cognitive decline. It becomes difficult to remember important details, and it becomes challenging to make critical decisions.

Seniors have a lot of free time and spending this time just lying on the bed exercabates any illnesses brought by old age. Even though exercising helps keep your body active, there are games that seniors can play to keep them busy and engage their minds.

Some brain games are also known for helping seniors deal with Dementia. They range from solo to multiplayer games. If you’d love to have some social interaction, you can opt for multiplayer games.

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Some Good Games for the Elderly

Below are some of the best games that seniors can play.


Originating from India, the chess game has been around for centuries. It involves strategy and creative thinking. Even though people thought that only geniuses could play this game, that’s not the case.

Anyone can play the game, either alone on their computer, or with friends. Chess is known for helping players improve their IQ, and even develop focus and a longer concentration span. These two aspects can go a long way in maintaining cognitive function for a senior.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are some of the best brain games for seniors. They help stimulate a player’s mind, as well as helping them to relax. If a senior is very busy or a little agitated, concentrating on completing a jigsaw puzzle can help calm them down.

The game includes strategies like finding all the edge pieces and identifying where each part fits. You can start from less complicated puzzles, then make them more complicated as you get used to them.

Count Backwards

Simple math is also an excellent way to brainstorm one’s mind. You don’t have to do complex calculations. Simple addition and subtraction will do. For instance, attempt to count backward from 500 while subtracting five from each number.

Then attempt counting from 200 while subtracting seven every time while going down. Finally, try to count from 100 but now subtract four from every number.

Online Games

There are several online games that seniors can play to stimulate their brains. One good example is Boggle. A player should get several words within sequences of any adjacent letter. Anyone who finds most words compared to opponents becomes the ultimate winner.

When you play this specific sit down boggle game with a loved one, it can keep their brains sharp and well stimulated as well as boost their memory and thinking skills. It’s one of the games recommended for seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Video Games for seniors

There aren’t very many video games that are specifically for seniors, but the existing ones can be repurposed to help keep them busy, entertained, and in a good state of mind. Below are some fascinating video games that seniors can play;

  • Candy Crush – This game took the world by storm. So far, millions of people across the globe are playing it. It’s very straightforward, where all you need to do is align three similar candies every time. Aligning them takes creativity, and the accomplishment of a certain level releases dopamine, a chemical that’s responsible for human beings’ well-being.
  • Flight simulator – This is a more challenging game that most seniors will appreciate. It involves balancing the throttle, speed, and wings incline shape to fly the plane and take passengers from one place to another. Landing the plane takes some skill too. Co-ordination of all these aspects improves the brain-functioning for the seniors.

Musical Ball

The musical Ball game is a great sit-down game for seniors. It involves the passing of a beach ball from one person to another as the music plays. The person holding the ball when the music stops earns a point. Also, the player with the least number of points by the end of the game wins. It is an excellent game for it helps seniors’ guild agility, strength, and reduces anxiety and depression since they will be socializing.


This game is excellent for seniors, and it helps keep their minds proactive and sharp. It involves two to four players. They both compete at aligning letters to form crossword words running across a line. If your senior loved one loves word games, this would be a great choice. If they have some visual impairment due to old age, you can always get the Large Scrabble Print board. This is because they might find it difficult to read the word on a standard scrabble board.


This game is mainly for people with cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s and Dementia). They can be senior citizens or children with disabilities. It’s a fun game that allows the player to tell a story through the 36 tiles that feature six colors, and six categories (people, transportation, objects, food, structure, and objects).

It also includes various levels of difficulty. Besides helping elderly citizens improve their memory, it also helps them socialize, develop relationships with their caregivers, and facilitates creative thinking.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial pursuit is one of the best board games for seniors. It engages their memory by asking them to answer general knowledge questions by moving around the board. Each correct answer gets a plastic wedge as a reward. There are several editions of this game themed by a particular time in History. 

This game provides a better chance for seniors across several time frames to engage, as well as connect with their caregivers. It might get a little frustrating, especially when they can’t remember most aspects, but being there with them to help them remember alleviates depression.


Pictionary is an enjoyable game that involves a team of players, allowing them to socialize as they pray. Each team selects a member to represent them. Then, one team member illustrates a concept with a letter or a drawing, and the other team members guess the word.

It gets pretty intense, with the players being lost in the moment. It encourages them to stop thinking about any challenges at that time. Since a human brain tends to associate words that are similar, or associate words with specific pictures, this game helps stimulate a senior’s mind, enabling them to perform other functions.      


This game involves assembling Jenga wooden blocks. It needs to be done in a way that the blocks can build an 18-layer vertical tower. After the tower is correctly constructed, players take turns removing a block from a section of the tower, and then carefully place it on top of the tower without destroying the structure.

The main aim of the game is to be the last man standing by removing and stacking a block successfully on the tower’s top without collapsing it. Jenga provides families with hours of fun and enjoyment. It works great for seniors since it enhances their motor dexterities and highly encourages their non-verbal mindful reasoning.   

Old Maid

Old Maid is amongst the best card games for seniors, which date back to the olden Victorian Age. Most seniors must have come across this game during their lifetimes o they can have fun by teaching the younger generation, or playing with other elderly citizens in social meetups. The objective of this game is to successfully collect many card pairs without being stuck with an unmatchable card.  

When a dealer finishes shuffling this deck, he or she will distribute the cards to each player, after which they’re expected to review their hands then place a pair in a face-up way on that table. Starting with a dealer, a player offers a player positioned on their left side their hand cards, then that person has to draw a card so that he can add to the former’s hand. Should the selected card have a pair, then the player has to place it on that table.

By matching the cards, recognizing the numbers, and strategizing helps improve cognitive functioning.


This game involves storytelling. One of the players holds a card and makes up a sentence based on the card. Then, the other players select a card and give it to the storyteller without showing it to the others. After the storyteller receives all the cards, they shuffle them and ask the players to select the card that he/she started with.

Here’s the catch. If no one or everyone guesses correctly, the story letter is not awarded any points. Hence the storytellers need to be very sneaky with suggestions. This game is perfect for seniors who fancy arts, poetry, and literature.

Water Balloon Toss

If you’re looking for an excellent outdoor game to engage your senior friends, a water balloon toss is an ideal choice. It involves having two teams that are facing each other, and a balloon filled with water.

The players through the balloon at each other, and If the other member holds it successfully, they move further back. If the balloon breaks, the team is out of the game. It’s fun, and it also helps seniors develop mental and physical strength.


A list of the fun games for seniors can’t be complete without mentioning Bingo. It’s also one of the most popular games in elderly citizens’ care centers. It involves the player matching the numbers, and the caller randomly selects a number and marks it or calls it out. If a player has the exact number, they shout out, “Bingo.”

There are many ways that this game can be altered to make it more fun. It engages the hearing, sight, and touch senses. Also, since a large group plays it, it’s an excellent way for seniors to socialize.

Final thoughts

What are the Best Games for Senior Citizens

Brain activity is as important as physical activity. Physical activity gives you the strength to lift stuff, walk to the store, and alleviate diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Brain activity, on the other hand, alleviates Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Cognitive decline. They help improve recollection, creative thinking, socializing, and decision-making.

Most games work by triggering the brain’s reward system, keeping the seniors happy as they complete the levels and tasks. The good thing about brain games is that anyone can play them. From puzzles, board games, to card games, we have listed some of the best games that senior citizens can engage in.

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