What are the Best Floating Shelves for Kitchens?

Best Floating Kitchen Shelves Reviews and Buying Guide

So, what solutions do you have if you fancy more space out of your little kitchen?

Okay, I know you’re resourceful and creative and can come up with some amazing tricks but have you thought about floating kitchen shelves?

I like them more not only because of their immense versatility but also because they bring posh style to our cooking spaces.

We scoured the internet and found the best floating kitchen shelves for anyone looking to max out every inch of their prime kitchen real estate and they’re all right here.

I have also included a buying guide to help you choose the right floating kitchen shelves for your needs.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way first:

Why consider floating shelves over other types of shelving

The greatest attraction in these increasingly popular shelving options is that the mounting brackets remain hidden from view.

That’s because the brackets/fixtures that you use to secure them to the wall will, in most cases, insert into the actual floating shelf, concealing them from sight.

Of course, in this day and age, we all want our kitchens to look trendy and fabulous because…ummmh, why not?  

And make no mistake about it: Even though you only have the brackets holding the shelf (no external support), they’re constructed pretty sturdily and will hold significant weight.

The other thing I love about them is that they’re extremely easy to install.

Just drill the required holes (check the manual for instructions) and fix the shelves and you’re good to go.

Buying Guide

Here now are some issues to focus on when shopping for floating shelves to update your kitchen.

Looks and appearance

Overall, you can find kitchen floating shelves in various sophisticated finishes as well as traditional, rich looks.

There are also a variety of designs for these types of shelves: some thin sleek models and others with super intricate designs/patterns along the edges.

You will certainly go for a style that matches your taste.

Some manufacturers even make floating shelves with different color themes.

This can be a huge plus if you already have a certain color theme in place.

Construction Materials

Another critical consideration is the used shelving material.

This affects the durability of the shelves and it’s important that you choose well.

To guide you, here are some of the commonest materials and the biggest pros and cons in each case:

  • Chipboard –This is perhaps the most inexpensive option. Unfortunately, it’s easily destroyed by water and may require extra reinforcing if you’ll be placing heavy loads on chipboard-made shelves.
  • MDF- MDF is generally awesome for the customization of looks since you can paint/stain it to taste. But like chipboard, exposure to water and moisture could dramatically reduce its life.
  • Wood- Real wood (oak, pine, special walnut, etc.) is quite chic and timeless. You will obviously spend more if you select wood over materials like MDF and chipboard.
  • Acrylic shelves- These are made from thermoplastic material and are transparent (almost like grass) and are super stylish.  Like other plastics, thermoplastics tend to weaken if the material is persistently holding heavy loads.
  • Metal- Metals like stainless steel are also used in some floating kitchen shelves.  Needless to say, a metallic shelf combines solidness and maximum longevity. The only downside is their pricey nature.

Ease of mounting

You don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to mount your purchase so pick a model that comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Also, check that the assembly instructions are well illustrated.


Don’t forget to take into account the question of how much space is available when buying a kitchen floating shelf.

You want a shelf whose measurements fit the designated space. 

Maximum load

Overloading the shelf will cause it to crack or snap so check its quoted weight rating before ordering.

Ideally, select a model with a higher capacity (even if just slightly) than your expected load to be sure that your cutlery items will be comfortably supported. 

Best Floating Shelves for Kitchens Reviews

Below we review the best floating kitchen shelves to help point you in the right direction.

These kitchen floating shelves ideas impressed us with their practicality, elegance, and overall build.

Take a look:

DAKODA LOVE Rugged Floating kitchen Shelves Distressed (wooden)

You can trust these truly rugged floating kitchen shelves to give you more storage territory if your cabinets don’t reach all the way to the kitchen ceiling.

I’m telling you – this thing looks wonderful and you’ll be proud of the show-stopping looks it brings all around your kitchen.


This is a sure bet if you’re a fan of rustic furniture- the company has gotten this spot on and it will supply a sweet rustic/distressed look to your cooking room.

And importantly, it’s meticulously made with solid thick wood (pine) that should hold its own against elements for years to come.

Furthermore, the price is very reasonable – we had feared the worst when we saw the premium quality but as luck would have it, it’s fairly priced.

These wooden kitchen shelves measure 36” long x 5.25” deep x 1.38” thick and can hold 100 pounds (maximum) when securely mounted.

And the good thing is that mounting it is a breeze- it actually comes predrilled and you only need to fit the single shelf bracket with the packed bracket rods, something you can do in minutes.


  • Fantastic price point.
  • Very well constructed.
  • Great rustic looks.


  • A bit heavy compared to similar shelves.

DAKODA LOVE Clean-Edge floating wood shelves kitchen

Dakida Love specializes in handmade furniture and has yet another floating kitchen shelves brand that you simply can’t go wrong with, in this clean edge model.

This unique style features classic squared corners and introduces a stunning timeless look that will stand the test of time.


These floating shelves feature premium quality wood which means you will have them for eons.

We are looking at real wood (modern rustic pine) here- one with handsome patterns too!

The craftsmanship is classic Dakida Love and is superb everywhere including in the packed steel brackets and beefy drywall anchors.

For installation, the holes are once again pre-drilled and the hardware will sink into the recessed areas at the back so everything is straightforward.

Since they again have a capacity of 100 lbs., you can use them to store heavier items including cake stands and large stock pots without losing sleep.

The actual dimensions are still 36” long x 5.25” deep x 1.38” thick.

Note that they’re sold in sets of 2s.


  • Super easy to mount.
  • Beautifully stained wood.
  • Deep enough to accommodate bigger kitchenware.


  • No major complaint.

Del Hutson Designs Rustic Pine Solid Wood  floating shelves kitchen

The other renowned manufacturer of top quality floating shelves is Del Hutson Designs and they have their own version of brilliant rustic wood floating shelves in this model.

This is another handmade unit and they have adopted the same high-grade pine wood used by Dakida Love in their rugged floating kitchen shelves.


This is superior quality furniture in countless ways- from the nice thickness, outstanding workmanship, all the way to a well thought out design for a seamless mounting, we loved everything about these natural-looking shelves.

Plus, it allows you to tailor the looks to taste- you just sand it off and stain in a different color to create your preferred appeal if you don’t like its original colors.

Not only that: these are a bit deeper than the previous two shelves so you can keep extra items on them (The measurements are 36” long x 5.5” deep x 2” thick).

Other highlights are the enhanced sturdiness, robust screws, and well-written hanging instructions.

The company stands by the product and promptly addresses any issues you raise.

They also keep in constant email communication from the time you order till arrival.


  • Cute shelves.
  • Cheaper than the competing Dakoda Love rugged floating kitchen shelves.
  • Kind customer care.


  • They are somewhat heavy.

Del Hutson Designs Rustic Wine Bottle Real Wood Rack Wall Mounted Stemware Hanger-Set Farmhouse Kitchen Dining

You can also add rustic styling to your kitchen with this 2-shelves set.

The top shelve is plain and you can use it to keep assorted kitchen items while the bottom one is best used as a wine rack.


This shelf set is solidly built (thanks to the sturdy engineering) and will open up a lot of handy storage solutions in your small kitchen.

The wood used in the two boards is also of distinctively first-class quality as are the remaining materials.

In fact, these should work right off the bat- I don’t see you needing any reinforcements as it is sometimes the case with some of the flimsy units out there.

The shelves are perfectly made square with one another and you’ll love the final outcome after installing them.

We are also happy that there’s plenty of space to arrange your wine glasses, coffee cups, and other stuff.

Overall, this could be a worthwhile choice if you ever need a wine glass/bottle set with a pleasing touch of rustic style in your kitchen.


  • Pre-drilled holes for easy hanging.
  • Included hardware (anchors and screws) firmly support the shelves after installation.
  • Good customer service.


  • Could have been better if it had one or two extra anchors.

Kieragrace Floating-Shelves, Modern (Pack of 3), Black/ white kitchen floating shelves

The Kieragrace Maine floating shelf is a minimalist hanging ledge that is available in either classic black or bright white colors.

You’ll appreciate its effortless installation- you mount it flush with the chosen kitchen wall using the key-hole slots!


Versatility is the word that comes to mind here as this gem exists in 3 different sizes- 12″, 16″, and the longer 24″ size.

You could even buy a set of all the three sizes based on your space measurements and what you plan to store on it.

Each shelf can hold about 10 pounds so you can be confident that it won’t come apart when you place accessories with a tad more weight on it.

And that’s because of the support the solid MDF construction gives the shelves.

As hinted previously, we recommend these if you like to keep things simple as it arrives virtually ready to hang – There are keyhole openings at the back and all the installation hardware is included.

And now that we are here, I must mention that these shelves are among the most lightweight options in the market these days.


  • Visually pleasing finish.
  • Probably the easiest to put up.
  • More length choices.


  • Not for bulky pieces.

Where to mount floating kitchen shelves

Best Floating Kitchen Shelves Reviews and Buying Guide

Since you’re short on kitchen space, you want to pick a spot that gives you an opportunity to store a whole lot more.

And while at it, you don’t want to mess the aesthetics.

Tough, huh?

Well, don’t fret…We have a couple of ideas to help you fill in the kitchen design holes with ease and style.


  1. Narrow corner/wall area- A lot of people prefer to yank some handy storage space from a narrow corner/a blank wall area.
  2. In a backsplash- Hang the shelf in between your countertop and the upper cabinets. If you own a tiled backsplash without upper cabinets, set up the kitchen floating shelves right where your backsplash ends for a smooth transition.
  3. Side of cabinets- If you put it up here, people will think it has all along been there! You can also put it underneath the upper cabinet or above the cabinets if there’s a void.
  4. Right in the middle of a wall- This can be so chic if you pick contrasting color themes.
  5. Above the countertop- You can also opt to mount a pair of floating shelves above the countertop (on the wall) and fix your microwave in between.

Wrapping it up

Is there a better way to add some voguish vibe to your cooking space than contemporary floating kitchen shelves?

Not only are they more practical but also save you the time that you would have wasted building DIY floating kitchen shelves (and the involved stress especially if you’re not exactly passionate about DIY projects).

Be sure to keep in mind the above-explained buying tips as you check what is on offer out there. 

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