What are the Best Exercise Bikes Under 300 Dollars?

What are the Best Exercise Bikes Under 300 Dollars

It is the desire of everyone to lead a healthy life and be fit. Thus, we have set fitness goals that we intend to achieve over time. For that, doing workouts and feeding on a balanced diet has been our major road towards attaining our fitness goals.

Moreover, most people go to the gym and spend a lot of hours working out to be fit. However, some people do not find time to go to gyms. It is thus not a surprise that exercise bikes are found in most households.

Not only do they offer enjoyable light exercise but also, they are portable. Even when faced with budgetary constraints, one can afford to acquire an exercise bike under $300.

Numerous manufacturers in the market offer exercise bikes under 300 dollars, and selecting the right one is key. One would want to get value for their money every time.

Therefore, if proper precautions are not taken, one can go home with the wrong choice of exercise bike. Thus, consultation is vital when making a purchasing decision.

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Below are some guidelines that will enable you to come up with the best choice;

Buying Guide

The existence of a large number of alternatives in the market makes the selection of the right exercise bike a very daunting process. Most bikes look similar and appealing to the eyes when glancing at them in the stalls.

Selecting the right bike becomes a much-complicated process for people who are undertaking the activity for the first time. The following are some tips to look out for when selecting the best exercise bike;

Upright or recumbent bike

Exercise bikes come with two distinct stature, namely, upright and recumbent. Most stationary bikes that we know are upright.

However, we also have recumbent bikes that provide the user with back support; they are less demanding than their upright counterparts. Moreover, their range is also limited compared to the upright ones.

Handlebars and seat

Ensure that you go an exercise bike whose handlebar can be easily adjustable to fit your height and specifications. They should be smoothly adjustable. When the bike is used in a household whose occupants have different heights, it becomes easy to adjust.

The seat should also be fitted in such a way that its height is easily altered when need be.

Flywheel weight

The weight of the wheel has a direct impact on the fluidity and comfort of cycling. When the weight is high, the more comfortable and fluid will the cycling of the bike be. Light flywheel has a jolts effect when one is cycling.

The choice of the weight of the flywheel will be determined by your goals, whether you want to climb the mountain or you just want to cycle around the lake and homestead.

Maximum weight of the user

Check the amount of weight that the bike can support before deciding to purchase it. Every bike has the maximum number of kilograms it can be able to carry at a given time.

Compare your weight with the weight specifications of the exercise bike to ensure that they conform. Doing this will enable you to avoid taking home a bike that can break once you begin using it to exercise.

The reputation of the manufacturer

There are numerous sellers out there in the market who offer products that appear to be similar, but they are not. Consider the period a manufacturer has been in operation to determine whether they are experienced in offering this product.

Experienced manufacturers tend to provide high-quality exercise equipment, which justifies their existence in this competitive industry. Ensure that you also pay attention to the reviews written by clients on the websites of different manufacturers.

These reviews might provide insights on what to expect from various products.


The exercise bike can either have magnetic or mechanical resistance. Mechanical resistance is induced when turning the wheels on the stationary bike.

However, the magnetic resistance is induced by altering the console on the stationary bike.

Best Exercise Bike Under 300 Dollars Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best exercise bike under $300:

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike with 40 LB Chromed Flywheel

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a fantastic exercise bike for under 300 dollars. The weather might not always be conducive to going out to exercise. Some neighborhoods may also not be so safe for morning and evening runs.

Luckily such a bike enables you to carry out an exercise in the comfort of your homes. Most outstandingly, the Sunny bike is versatile, the handlebar and the seat are adjustable. Thus, you guaranteed to be relaxed as you burn some calories.

The manufacturer of this bike has been in the industry for a very long time, and the quality is thus guaranteed


  • Fitted with a water bottle handler, the user would not get dehydrated.
  • A sturdy flywheel that ensures smooth momentum
  • Handlebars are adjustable
  • The seat is adjustable to guarantee relaxation as you burn on


  • Stylish and classic design
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort
  • You work out at the comfort of your home
  • Has levelers that ensure stability even at unbalanced surfaces


  • Lacks a display screen

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Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

The recumbent exercise bike can provide you with a very relaxed exercising experience. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike is one of such bikes and can be obtained at stationary bike price.


  • Has multi-grip handlebars
  • Flywheel is 40lb
  • Has hand pulse detector
  • adjustable seat


  • Durable 40lb flywheel
  • User friendly
  • Provides comfort and relaxation
  • Pedals are secure to avoid sliding


  • Less-experienced users might feel aggressed by spin bike frame

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Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike for Cardio Training and Workout AIR-1

Marcy is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to the production of exercise equipment. They have been in the industry for over 50 years now and have continued the brilliant job of offering innovative stuff to their clients.

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan is not only one of the best exercise bikes under $300, but also among the finest best upright exercise bike. Besides having exercise arms, the bike also has an amazing resistance that is used by the fan.

Having a fan ensures that you are comfortable when peddling as cold air is circulated.


  • Has adaptable handlebars
  • Adaptable seats
  • Fitted with fan
  • Operates on magnetic resistance


  • Has a fan that creates fresh cold air
  • Eight levels present in the magnetic resistance
  • Water bottle handle to ensure you are hydrated
  • Comes with two years warranty


  • Creates inconvenience when users have different heights

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Final Words

What are the Best Exercise Bikes Under 300 Dollars

Physical exercise represents an essential part of any human being who wants to be healthy and fit. How one conducts the exercise would be influenced by financial prowess, time available, and medical status, among other factors.

Exercise bikes provide an amazing aspect of exercising in the comfort of your home. Thus, the time used in going to gyms can be employed in doing other useful tasks.

However, for this to happen, one needs to make the right selection of an exercise bike.

Although selecting the right exercise bike can be a daunting task, the above guidelines will come in handy to ensure that you make the right choice.

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