What are the Best Cat Shelves and Wall Perches?

Cats have a penchant for climbing and sitting or resting in unique places. If you have a cat at home, I’m sure you have witnessed him or her do that.

All pet lovers want the best for them. To keep your cat happy and healthy, there are some things or toys that you can get them.

Cat shelves that float or a wall perch are some of the best things that you can get your feline friend. A company like Swedish Ikea has launched a variety of cat products such as blankets, litter scoops, and scratch posts.

Most cat owners know that each cat has a unique personality. Some are friendly, while others can be shy. Another group can turn out to be confrontational.

Cat perches allow cats to establish their private territories and reduce conflict with other pets. This can make your house more pleasant as there is less growling and hissing.

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Types of Cat Shelves and Wall Perches

Cat shelves come in many varieties. Below are some of the different types of cat shelves that are available on the market:

  • Wooden cat shelves
  • Window cats’ shelves
  • Carpeted wall cat shelves
  • Novelty cat wall shelves
  • Outdoor cat wall shelves
  • Wall-mounted cat shelves

Why Should You Buy Cat Shelves and Wall Perches?

Cats are carnivores. Even though for thousands of years cats have been domesticated, they still have some instincts in them that make them stalk.

Even when the cat has been well fed the wild instincts that were vital for its ancestor’s survival will persist.

Climbing is one of the ways that cats play out their instincts. Being in an elevated position helps cats view their prey more clearly.

This way, they can be in a better position to catch prey such as lizards and birds that live in trees.

To feel safer, cats need an elevated place. That way, they feel that predators will not easily reach them.

The high perch is the best for the cat and owners because It helps them stay out of your railings, cabinet’s, top shelves, and furniture.

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Buying Guide

Before you purchase a cat shelve or wall perch for your cat, here are a few things that you should consider:


The color of the cat shelve should be beautiful and interesting. It should also be a color that blends in with your house décor.

You should choose a color that you can coordinate with your carpet and your walls. If it is an outdoor cat shelve, it should have a color that compliments the exterior of the house and not an eyesore.


The cat shelves’ material that you settle for should be long-lasting. Heavy-duty wall perches are the best because they can last for a very long time.

If it is an outdoor cat perch, it should be made of materials that can withstand harsh elements.


Cats like comfortable places to lounge. Your vertical cat lounge should have a soft, plush, and comfortable lining.


Ensure your cat shelves can be securely fixed to your wall. When cats feel the cat shelves moving or wobbling they will not be very comfortable when using the cat shelves and might stop altogether.


Ensure that the cat shelves design allows for easy entry. It should be made in such a way that it can be placed near furniture such as a table, couch, or chair so that it is easier for the cat to gain access to it.

You can also get one that can be placed close to the floor without interfering with your house’s arrangements.

Space Available

The space you can spare for the cat shelve is also a factor to consider. Cat shelves are made in different shapes and sizes.

If you have limited space you can choose a small design or one that can be fitted into a corner.

Number of cats

If you have one cat a simple cat shelve will suffice. Several cats, on the other hand, will need a cat shelf system that will allow them lots of movement when they are playing.

Cats are territorial and that kind of system will help them interact better because they will create individual territories and reduce conflict.


You might consider purchasing a cat shelve that you can keep expanding as time goes by. You can be purchasing more pieces that are compatible and keep building it into a good cat climbing system.


Having a cat shelve that adds decorative value to your home is a plus. Your décor should play a role in the choice that you make.

There is a wide variety to choose from including canvas, wooden, carpet, and others which are all available in diverse color schemes.


A good wall cat shelve should be attractive enough for the cat to want to play. This will encourage the cat to climb, exercise and as a result, be healthy and also mentally enriched.

Cat Shelve Features

You should also consider the additional features that come with the cat shelve that you are interested in. Some cat shelves have features such as extra wideness for bigger cats, scratching pads, decorations, and screw mounting.

Cat shelve wideness

A cat shelve should be just wide enough to hold cats while in play. But not too wide as to use up too much space, modern apartments or living areas are expensive and you need to utilize the small space available wisely.

Cat shelve width

The ideal cat shelves width should range from 6inches to 12 inches. A cat shelve that is shallower than a width of 10 inches would be too weak for the cat to lie on without breaking.

Best Cat Shelves and Wall Perches Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best cat shelves and wall perches:

Trixie Pet Products Wall Mounted Cat Lounging Set

This design is the latest in wall-mounted systems of cat tree sets. It is great for saving space in modern settings such as small apartments.

It can allow your cat to explore great heights. It has two perches, an ultra-plush hammock, and a lined plush condo.

The plush-lined condo is equipped with a removable and machine washable cushion (gentle cycle).

These items have all been wrapped in durable, natural sisal that can withstand cat scratching.

The condo measures in at (16.5 by 11 by 11.25) inches while the hammock measures in at (22.75 by 11 by 12.75) inches. It weighs in at 17.3 pounds.

All the hardware for the required installation is included. Its colors are cream/gray. The materials used include metal, wood, plush, sisal, and carb-certified MDF wood.

To get additional steps you can contact the manufacturer directly. This product can be mounted on a plaster, wooden, or concrete block wall.


  • Plush covered
  • Inclusive of the hammock, condo &2steps
  • Scratching surface made of sisal
  • Removable cushion


  • Compliant with CARB phase 2
  • Mounts securely
  • Saves space
  • Improved hardware set


  • Mounting can be time-consuming

The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Cat Shelf

This cat shelf from the Lotus branch is spacious and elegant. Your cat will love it. It is beautiful to look at and resembles an art piece.

It has a sturdy shelf that is made with a combination of bent ply and solid wood. It comes with a replaceable and comfortable Berber carpet.

This lotus branch cat shelf is modern, spacious, and measures in at 61 inches long and are deep at 10.5 inches. It weighs in at 21.9 pounds.

Multiple other shelves can be combined with it to create more space for your feline friends. The screwdriver and installation hardware are included with the product.

During installation, the holes are to be made 16 inches apart. Two wall beams are recommended for holding the cat shelf’s weight.

This modern lotus ranch cat shelf is great for large cats as it is sturdy. The removable carpet is held in place by Velcro material which makes it easy to remove for cleaning.


  • Solid wood & bent ply
  • Berber carpet
  • 16-inch holes
  • 61 inches long & 10.5 deep


  • Replaceable carpet
  • Spacious platform
  • beautiful aesthetic
  • sturdy shelf


  • It is heavy.

Catastrophic Creations Play-Cat Play Place Hammocks for Cats

These catastrophic creations beautiful and handcrafted cat shelves. It is mentally and physically challenging for your cat. The fabric hammocks can hold 62 pounds.

It has a total depth of 11 inches, a height of 45 inches and a 52-inch width. For easy installation, all the brackets are delivered attached.

This catastrophic creations cat shelve and hammock is perfect for homes with dogs. It gives the cats a dog-free space for their resting area. Declawed cat’s car comfortably use it.

It challenges the cat’s physical ability because it has a hole and a ladder at its entrance. The wood pieces can 85 pounds.

Four studs are used to mount this stud. There are 16-inch spaces between the studs. For an additional fee, you can order a customized piece with different stud spacing.

This cat shelve can be successfully be mounted on a cement wall. The fabric for the Cat mod furniture is washable.it has to e taken apart first then hand wash it in a tub or sink.


  • elevated dining area
  • stiff fabric hammock
  • solid wood
  • 7.75-inch escape hatch


  • Safe space
  • Climbing outlet
  • Customizable
  • Saves space


  • Difficult to install

Catastrophic Creations Climb Set for Cats Multiple

The catastrophic creations cat climb set comes with a thorough mounting instruction set that includes video instructions.

It is designed to hold heavyweight and can hold up to 120 pounds. The canvas pieces come in finished sections which facilitates faster installing.

The vertical sisal pole is a cat favorite. It is great for spoilt cats or multiple-cat environments.

This cat shelve has a cat mode climb track hat is available in Onyx wood or English chestnut. You get to choose the canvas color.

The shelves and mounting posts are made of solid wood. The hammocks are made of heavyweight canvas. You have a choice of adding the fun escape hatch or the feeding station.

This cat shelf is a combination of quality, strength, and good appearance. You do not have to remove the wall mountings to be able to remove the canvas fabric.

You can be able to switch the canvas fabric color in the future if you decide to change your home décor.


  • Sisal lined pole (4 foot)
  • Sisal lined escape hatch(18 inches)
  • 5 mounting planks
  • Grommet canvas


  • Color choice
  • Exciting features
  • Feeding station
  • Nickel mounting hardware


  • It is a little costly

Wooden Cat Perch Shelf Floating Wall Mount Amish Made

This set is very stylish and has 2 rectangular cat shelves and one corner piece. They are all topped with a carpet.

They come with screws. This allows for them to be screwed to the wall with no hardware being visible. This creates a floating appearance.

Maple wood has been used to handcraft them. They are carpet topped which ensures the cats will not slip while playing.

This Amish made wooden cat perches are attached to the wall. It comes with a corner piece. This allows for space-saving if you have limited living space.

They come in an elegant dark cherry lacquer color. They are very strong and are capable of holding up to 50 pounds. They are handcrafted by the Amish people and weigh in at 29 pounds.

Do your cats do some scratching? Then these Amish made cat shelves are perfect for you because they are safe and non-toxic for your animals. If the carpet gets worn you can remove it and re-glue another one.


  • Maple wood made.
  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Carpet topped
  • Dark cherry lacquer color


  • Space-saving
  • Hand made
  • Non-toxic
  • 3 piece set


  • They do not come with instructions.

Final Words

What are the Best Cat Shelves and Wall Perches

Searching for the best cat shelves and wall perches should not be as complicated as many people opine. By following and adhering to all the information and tips we have shared in this article, you will land the best product.

If you are shopping for a top-rated cat shelve and wall perch, feel free to choose from any of our recommendations above.